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Chat Avenue Review on 2022

Chat Avenue Review on 2022
About Site
Active Audience 77%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 24-28
Profiles 456 908
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Chatrooms have active members.
  • Each chatroom is dedicated to a topic or a unique theme.
  • The moderators ensure safety.
  • Fake IDs are hard to spot.
  • Video chat is only available in a few chatrooms.

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Since the platform has been around for a long time, it now has users looking for long-term relationships. But with various chatrooms, you can easily find the one you need. Chat Avenue was registered in 2000 and now has a total of 19 chatrooms, which are moderated to ensure that guidelines are followed.

Convenient Design of the Website

Chat Avenue reviews encourage people to join this site. It is convenient and eye-pleasing, with all the sections sorted out properly. As soon as you enter a chatroom, you will see a pop up that will inform you of all the rules and regulations. The instructions are worded in simple words, and you should read them before contacting anyone.

Another wonderful thing about the chatroom is that it has customized emojis dedicated to the discussion. So, if it is the Adult Chat, it will have many flirty emojis. Chat Avenue has a navy-blue design and icons of different chatrooms representing what happens inside. The homepage gives you the necessary info about users’ behavior, safety, privacy, and details about chat features.

Chat Avenue Review

New Profiles and Members From All Over the World

The Chat Avenue website gets more than 5000 visitors every month. Generally, it has users from across the world, but most of the recurring visitors hail from the United States, Poland, and the Netherlands. But there are no definite details since the website places substantial importance on user privacy. People must be at least 18 years of age to sign up and choose a chatroom. Chat Avenue tries to cover as many themes as possible, including location-based chatrooms, Dating Chat, and General Chat. Thus, you can find members from all spheres of life on this platform. They are mainly interested in long-term relationships or marriage.

Chat Avenue boasts a vast user base; however, it’s hard to find the people you are compatible with. The chatroom you join will determine what you are looking for in your potential match. You can then choose a participant (with whom you already have something in common) and see who reciprocates your feelings.

New Profiles and Members From All Over the World

Unique Services

This Chat Avenue review indicates the following special features:

Chatrooms: these include multiple users, and even though they are fun to participate in and meet people from various walks of life, it can get a bit messy. If you enter a chatroom when the conversation is already going on, you might not understand much. It is the way group chats are, so people prefer private communication. However, chatrooms are a great way to assess other users’ personalities, and then, you can choose to switch to a private mode.

Personal Chat: this option is for a one-on-one conversation. Private discussions are more intimate, and if you like a person, then you can have a little bit of privacy with them free of cost. It enables you to know that member better without other people interrupting you. Usually, if you have some chemistry with a user in the chatroom, you can ask them to slide into the private chat.

Video chat:another outstanding feature that is only available in specific chatrooms is video chat. But be careful since there are many fakes on Chat Avenue, so before switching your camera on, make sure you are talking to a real person.

Appear at Top: it is a paid perk that you can access if you have a VIP upgrade. It highlights your profile so that it appears at the top of the list of any chatroom. It increases visibility and improves the chances of finding matches.

Unique Services

Mobile App Available

People have been using the Chat Avenue website for many years. The desktop version is easy to use, and typing seems to be much more comfortable with a proper keyboard. But now that they have launched the app, it has become the number one chat platform for dating. The mobile application is available for download from Google Play Store and App Store. Now that dating is more comfortable on a smartphone, the Chat avenue app helps you interact with other members, join chatrooms, and meet new acquaintances — it boasts many additional features compared to the desktop version.

There is a friend’s system, picture sharing option, and you can also customize your page much more quickly; the application is free to use, and you can maintain your anonymity as well. The interface is clean, and you can easily communicate with anyone you want. You can delete private chats in one go.

Register Yourself Within Seconds

It is the best part of browsing Chat Avenue. You won’t find here a long signup process, questions before registration, and verification hassle. All you need to do is add a unique username, and you can enter a chatroom right away. You can upload your avatar, but it is not necessarily your picture. As a guest, you can chat with just a username, but if you want to use Chat Avenue for long, you can also register properly. For that, enter your username, email address, and set up a password. If you want to shift from one chatroom to another, you will have to log in again. However, if you have signed up as a guest, you will need to add your username while changing chatrooms. A username is your first impression on other members, so it is better to choose a catchy one, which is also easy to understand and remember.

For the registration, you will be asked details like your age, sex, location, and you can choose to upload your photo if you want to find real people looking for a relationship. You will also be required to indicate the preference of the gender you are interested in. If you use Chat Avenue as one of the dating sites, then you can mark your sexual orientation as ‘Other.’

Register Yourself Within Seconds

Payment Information

Chat Avenue is a free website, and it only has some VIP features, which are not that important. It is a unique selling point of the platform. You can interact with various people without spending any money. There is no registration fee, and even the app can be downloaded from the Play Store without paying a dime. The website’s core functions, including finding people and chatting (private and public), are all available for free.

All Services Are Free

All the services on the Chat Avenue website can be availed of for free. Some of them are:

Creating an account: you can make an account on Chat Avenue free of cost. The registration process takes 5-10 minutes and requires your basic details, but at no point will you be asked to share credit card info or any other sensitive data.

Entering as a guest member: chatting as a guest is much more comfortable and hassle-free than signing up and making an account. You can chat with others; for that, you just need to add a username and join the room of your choice.

Participating in chatrooms: there are no limits as to how many chatrooms you can enter; you can access all 19 of them without paying anything.

Changing avatars: if you are not happy with your Chat Avenue avatar, you can easily change it free of charge.

Adding people as friends, sending them private messages, or having a one-on-one chat with a user is also completely free. You can communicate with as many people and send as many texts as you want.

All Services Are Free

VIP Upgrade and Special Perks

The website and app are completely free to use. Chat Avenue reviews reveal that the only paid features are the VIP perks. They are:

Create and moderate a chatroom: with a VIP account, you can create a chatroom dedicated to any topic/theme. But even user-created chatrooms are moderated to make sure nothing is being shared against community guidelines.

Post YouTube videos: if you want to share YouTube videos, you will need to have a VIP account. Chat Avenue does not allow one to send URLs in the chatrooms for safety purposes, but it does make an exception for YouTube links if you are a premium subscriber.

Use animated background: to change cover images or chat backgrounds, you need to have a VIP account. This unique tool better the overall experience.

Check message history: with the premium membership, you can see the last message in the dialogue on the Chat Avenue website (the history is cleared from time to time).

Change color for names: you can change the gradient color of usernames and messages, which makes the chat more fun to read.

Appear at the top: while viewing members, your username will show on top if you have a premium account. It increases your visibility and chances of finding like-minded people.

Voice messages: if you wish to hear someone’s voice, they must have a premium account, as well as you. With this, you can send voice memos in the chatroom and private chat.

VIP Upgrade and Special Perks

Real-Life Review

“The Chat Avenue website is both good and bad. The good thing is that it is easy to use, and one can simply chat without worrying about their identity being revealed, but that also makes sure that there are a lot of fakers and scammers. There are always plenty of people in the chatrooms, so they remain active throughout the day, but some of them are just not as interesting, and it is hard to handpick people to have a private conversation with. Many people just ask very private questions without worrying about anything, and often it felt like there were more trolls than actual people on the website. As far as a normal chat site is concerned, Chat Avenue is fairly good and inexpensive, but people think there could be better platforms than this for serious dating. Even for a hookup, it is a good place to find someone but not for a long-term relationship.”
– Tom, 32

Is Chat Avenue Safe to Use?

You will come across a lot of different people on Chat Avenue, depending on the chatroom type. If you join the sex chat, there may be explicit context and sexting. But in the Dating chatroom, there would be more serious members looking for relationships and spouses. With the Video Game chatroom, there is a possibility of finding just gaming nerds and scammers who would want you to try out various phishing apps. So, the best way to be safe on the platform is to follow the guidelines and avoid sharing too many personal details. Since Chat Avenue prioritizes user privacy, your data is in safe hands, and you can chat anonymously. But as far as fake profiles go, you will find many. It is just like any other social media platform. If you are careful about who you talk to, then you don’t need to worry. As a rule, stay away from those who sound fishy or without avatars.

Is Chat Avenue Safe to Use?

How Much Does It Cost to Use Chat Avenue?

All basic features on the Chat Avenue website are free to use. You only need to pay a small amount for the VIP perks. Open a corresponding option from the menu. Therein, you can pay for a VIP upgrade. If you donate to the website, you will automatically get a VIP account. All this information is available on Chat Avenue, along with the starting cost of the upgrade. But you don’t have to go for a premium account, and you can use the essential functions without paying anything.

How to Communicate for Free on Chat Avenue?

There are two ways of chatting on Chat Avenue. The first is a guest mode, wherein you will only need to mention a username and get down to the business. The second option is to create an account, log in, and then start chatting. Both are equally simple. To enter a chatroom, just click on its icon or name, and a popup will show up, giving you instructions. Once you are in, you can start interacting by typing in the bar. You will also see different members’ profiles and choose to have a private chat with any of them. The thing to keep in mind is that you cannot have a private chat if you are a guest. For a confidential one-on-one conversation, you have to sign up and add them as friends. This Chat Avenue review shows that its ‘See Who Is Online’ option is also pretty popular, allowing you to see who you should be texting.

The main chat in the chatroom is open to all members. You can also send a whisper to a particular person and ask them to slide into private texts. Chat Avenue does not have a search option, so you have to go through the old school ways of browsing through profiles to see who you like. Also, before arranging a private chat, other members must accept your friend request. Your friend list will also be visible in your account, and you can text anyone from the list. You can also use the customized emojis in chat. The chats keep getting purged after a while, and you will only be able to see the last message if you have a VIP account. If you wish to share any YouTube channel, you will need the VIP membership.

How to Communicate for Free on Chat Avenue?

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Administrators and moderators always monitor the chatrooms to make sure that users follow the community guidelines. Still, there can be instances where something gets past the moderators. In this case, get in touch with the admin at admin@chat-avenue.com. If you are banned, you can message the chatroom admin directly. The Chat Avenue website also has a feedback page where you can give your suggestions on making the service better. The FAQ section deals with general queries and technical problems that users might face. It includes what you should do if you are kicked out of a chatroom, cannot log in to your account, have forgotten your password, and cancel your VIP upgrade. On the Contact Us page, you can report if someone posts harmful comments or abuses others by filling up the contact form. The customer support on Chat Avenue is quite active, and you get a response to your queries or complaints within 2-3 days.

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Chat Avenue is meant for those looking for people from different walks of life with similar interests and mindsets. If you are tired of dating platforms that try to quiz you, find who you are compatible with, and want to take control, try Chat Avenue! Once you start interacting with different people, you will know who you like and dislike. Also, with different chatrooms, it is easy to determine what other users are searching for. If you find them in the Adult Chat, it means that they are open about their sexuality. There are Gay and Lesbian chats, and you will find people with that sexual orientation, making the search quite narrow. The chatrooms are never empty or inactive with its massive user base, no matter what day or time it is. It is what keeps Chat Avenue going and reaching new heights.

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