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Chatiw Review: General Information, Top Pros, Unique Features

Chatiw Review: General Information, Top Pros, Unique Features
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Active Audience 79%
Quality Matches 72%
Popular Age 23-40
Profiles 1 150 065
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • New entries are accessible to register an account within a minute. The system requires no email addresses or other contacts
  • Standard users obtain access to the messaging feature, but the number of free messages is limited
  • Messaging features are diverse – subscribers may share photos with other users or make your messages more emotional with the help of emoji
  • There is a video chat feature to make online dating effective
  • The service fulfills different purposes, whether you are looking for new friends or soulmates
  • There is an application for Android devices so that on-the-go members could stay online
  • The platform is popular around the globe; therefore, it’s rather easy to meet people from different countries, broadening your horizons and building intercultural links up
  • Profiles are not detailed; hence, a person cannot get to know whether interests and views are mutual
  • Photos are not mandatory, and many users prefer to skip this step
  • Due to the simplicity of the registration process, many scammers join the community
  • Some useful features are available for paid accounts only
  • There is no mobile application for iOS devices, despite the fact the service gains the most popularity in the USA

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Chatiw is a free service for people from around the globe wishing to communicate. Such a chatting platform gets popularity worldwide, and the community is step-by-step extending. Members are accessible to enter the service from both PC and mobile devices. Different goals are possible for registered members. You may make new exciting friends representing different countries and cultures. Furthermore, a person is near to meet love there, as there are multiple users, and that is not hard to find like-minded people.

The platform pretends to become a permanent part of your schedule because the communication offered for free broadens your mind, unveils true personalities, and helps users make new acquaintances within several clicks. Subscribers highlight that the service is straightforward and convenient.

This website, together with mobile applications, gains the attention of many users worldwide. The top-100 dating services ranking includes this platform. Foremost, the website is among the 10 000 most visited US ones.

Chatiw Review

The Web Version Interface Features and Usability

Monotonous colors are dominating. The active usage of play of color is not about Chatiw entirely. The web version combines grey and red colors to gain users’ attention but avoid irritating them. Yellow and green colors highlight some information. Meanwhile, some users complain about too much information. Furthermore, there is a new updated web version that looks more stylish but uses the same color scheme.

The interface is rather convenient. The left-hand menu column contains available persons ready for communication. The main menu offers a user the following features:

  • Quick access to the latest discussions. Continue your communication the very moment you wish to have fun.
  • Notifications. Users are accessible to view notifications. Voice notifications are available to be turned off.
  • Search. Activate some basic matching algorithms to make your search more precise.
  • Settings. The icon contains both profile and account settings.

Moreover, a person may get to know how many persons are online at the current moment. A video chat feature is placed on the home screen.

Furthermore, a person gets free access to useful information. Find out some safety dating tips. The website blog contains exciting articles to fulfill a person’s goals.

The Web Version Interface Features and Usability

Users’ Profiles Statistics

The whole Chatiw website community exceeds 2 million people worldwide. The average number of weekly logins is approximately 100 000 members. An average person spends 28 minutes on the web service, as the platform is truly convenient. Such a chat is the best way to spend free time usefully; hence, the subscribers’ number is gradually increasing.

Male subscribers dominate essentially: the part of registered men is 70%. Meanwhile, women are numerous as well, taking into account the total number of users. As for the age distribution, younger persons love the platforms the most. The following table illustrates who joins the community the most frequently:

Age range Male Female
18 – 25 years 28.5% 26.4%
25 – 35 years 27.1% 21.7%
35 – 45 years 18.6% 22.6%
45 – 55 years 15.7% 16.9%
55+ years 10.1% 12.4%

The above-mentioned statistics show that there are many users of all age ranges, despite the significant shift towards younger audiences. That is not a challenging task to find equals in age. The only restriction concerns persons under 18 who are not allowed to open an account. However, such a limit is set by the majority of dating services.

Representatives of all sexual orientations are welcome to chat for free, but the statistics show most registered members are straight. There are no limits concerned with religious orientations. As for the ethnicities, Chatiw gains popularity worldwide; hence, users of different races join the community. There are some countries represented by the largest amount of subscribers: the USA (25.34%), Germany (11.24%), Canada (8.40%), the United Kingdom (5.76%), and Sweden (4.43%).

Users’ Profiles Statistics

Exclusive Features

Generally, the platform is not rich in diverse options. Developers put an accent on the interface simplicity; hence, users are not lost in the assortment of features. The following unique features catch the attention of newcomers:

  1. video chats:

Free textual messages are a good idea for persons who wish to make new acquaintances globally, but video calls are undoubtedly more effective. A video call is a perfect alternative for real dating, especially when the distance between two persons is large enough. Video charts are available for free.

  1. instant chats:

The left-hand menu offers user random members. Click on a nickname to start chatting. No matches or other confirmations are required!

  1. photo attachments:

When a user sends textual messages within a chat, Chatiw makes it available to attach emoji and pictures. Share your emotions and experience to get tighter contact with a person who kindles your interest.

Exclusive Features

Apps for Mobile Devices

The application has already been launched for Android devices only. A person may download the app to a device having at least the 4.0 version of the system and 13.4 MB of free storage space. These requirements are rather modest. Based on Chatiw reviews, the application is rated at 3.9 stars. The total number of downloads is more than 100 000.

The web version of the service is more popular. Furthermore, owners of iOS-based mobile devices have to open the platform through the website only, but there is a mobile adopted website; hence, on-the-go members face no limitations.

The Android-oriented application offers a person the full list of features. Subscribers get a convenient interface. The home page displays the list of available persons to start a chat with. The upper menu contains notifications, messaging history, and settings, while the search icon is placed in the footer. Settings are relatively poor. For instance, a registered person has to browse the service in English: no other language options are attached.

Aside from mobile applications, the community welcomes newcomers to join the service Facebook account. Followers are informed about recent news and updates.

Exclusive Features

A Step-by-Step Guide to Open an Account

An average Chatiw review highlights this service has the simplest registration. To start charting, a new entry needs to take the following steps:

  1. Create a username. In fact, this step is ‘state of the art’, as members need to catch a person’s attention and kindle interest by a username. Foremost, offensive and abusive nicknames are banned by the team instantly.
  2. Specify your age. Select your age, starting from 18. The system requires no dates of birth.
  3. Choose your gender between men and women.
  4. The system determines your country automatically, getting access to GPS.
  5. Select a more precise location to find people nearby.
  6. Click on the ‘Start Chat’ button.
  7. Newcomers need to prove they are not robots, and such confirmation is the last step towards starting communication.

People cannot add more information to their profiles; hence, some users understand accounts poorly detailed. The system requires to inscribe an email address and create a password when a member gets the premium subscription.

Note that you are able to edit personal information, but usernames cannot be changed. There are no limits on accounts. A person may undergo the registration process as many times as they wish (concerning standard accounts).

The Chatiw Premium Membership Billing

The developers describe the platform as entirely free, and the Chatiw reviews prove this fact. Users get access to the broad scope of features, while there are premium membership plans, as well. There are packages for 1, 6, or 12 months. Foremost, there is a lifetime premium subscription – some users understand this solution as the best one, but newcomers are highly recommended starting from the 1-month subscription. The prices for the premium subscription are the following:

Premium membership package Price for 1 month Total price
1-month of VIP access $4.95 $4.95
6-months of VIP access $4.32 $25.95
12-months of VIP access $4.16 $49.95
Lifetime VIP access $99.95

A Chatiw review highlights the platform offers modest prices for the premium membership. For instance, many dating services require about $100 for a one-year premium membership. This platform grants a user lifetime access for that price. Note that the VIP upgrade requires your email address and password. Upgraded subscribers enter their accounts with the help of passwords, unlike standard members.

PayPal is the only accessible way to upgrade your account. Meanwhile, users are accessible to purchase the premium membership plans through debit or credit cards. The PayPal system processes the payment without the necessity of opening a wallet. The platform includes the auto-renewal option to grant a person non-stop access to the fullest functionality. When a person intends to cancel the subscription, the appropriate option should be turned out.

The Chatiw Premium Membership Billing

Standard Features

Default accounts are almost not limited in functionality. Users get the following opportunities after the registration:

  • View other registered members and their full profile information.
  • Activate search filters to communicate with like-minded persons.
  • Start a free chat by sending an initial message.
  • Attach emoji and pictures to make your communication more vivid and emotional.
  • View all notifications for free.
  • Set your privacy settings (for instance, an invisible mode is available).
  • Edit your profile information whenever you want.
  • Block users for personal reasons.
  • Start video chats that are regarded as online dating sessions.
  • Read useful information (blog articles, safety dating tips, and more).

Free members cannot say they face some limitations. The service is effective and useful enough for standard accounts. Why do users need VIP membership? Premium subscription plans provide extended functionality. The listed features are available on both the Chatiw website and mobile applications.

Premium Features

The premium subscription unblocks the following scope of options:

  • Enjoy the functionality of the platform without any advertisements, which are quite irritating.
  • Users have not to enter a bot captcha every time they enter an account. Passwords are used instead.
  • A person keeps his nickname reserved; otherwise, other users may create the same nickname accidentally.
  • Subscribers get a VIP badge, highlighting their premium status.
  • A person may require the team to ban some accounts in case they violate the platform rules.
  • VIP members may send links and contacts, while standard users may be banned for this.
  • Premium access allows you to send and receive messages without any limits.
  • Get VIP customer support.

Thus, the list of premium features helps users obtain some priorities that instantly catch a member’s attention. The statistics show VIP subscribers get 64% more contacts and views than default accounts.

An Expert’s Opinion

The Chatiw website or app pretends to become a ‘must-have’ service to effectively spend several minutes. No matter what your goal is, the platform pretends to be useful – find new exciting people from around the globe, share interests and hobbies, and practice foreign languages. As for the dating purpose, that is harder to meet a person corresponding to your views and interests without detailed profiles. Furthermore, basic filters only are accessible. Video calls make the task much easier. A video call performs the function of online dating, helping registered members understand each other better.

There is no diverse array of features, but users obtain all functionality de-facto for free. Some limits exist, but default accounts owners face no difficulties. On the other hand, premium membership removes advertisements and provides a subscriber with some useful priorities. Be ready to meet aggressive and abusive users. The team bans their profiles, but it’s impossible to control millions of profiles, while thousands of newcomers join the community monthly.

Among the negative features, scammers are distinguished. 90% of received messages are from scammers who try to make a person follow different links. Hence, most users prefer to switch their regime to VIP access instantly.

An Expert’s Opinion

Can Users Consider the Chatiw Platform a Legit?

There are two sides of a coin. The service is entirely legit, and the team makes efforts to provide every user with the best services. Developers accentuate they had an idea to grant every person quick and straightforward access to chats throughout the world. On the other hand, scammers appreciate the registration simplicity, as well. No email validation! No real names! No contact information displayed! Users are highly recommended to be careful while communicating with other subscribers. A person may browse the platform anonymously, activating the incognito mode for a certain period.

Premium subscription protects somehow from scammers, as a user gets a personal password, fixed nickname, and may communicate with other VIP members. Scammers allegedly don’t purchase premium membership plans. Premium account owners are accessible to ask the team to ban members (when there are serious reasons for such an action).

Furthermore, the Chatiw team added dating safety tips to protect registered members:

  1. Don’t send your contact information to other members, especially when you communicate with a person for the first time.
  2. Money-solicitors should be reported instantly. Don’t send your money to any person.
  3. If you wish to meet a person, do it within a public place only.
  4. Don’t follow links sent by other members.

Look through the whole list of safety tips before initiating contact with someone. Remember that persons may describe themselves in a manner far from truth.

Is the Chatiw Service High-Priced?

While speaking about the service premium membership plans, the Chatiw reviews show the platform is truly low-priced. Furthermore, a user is accessible to get a lifetime subscription for just $99.95. That is the most beneficial solution for a person planning to use the service on a regular basis.

What about default accounts? Registered members are accessible to use the service without a cent. They have to view ads and face limits on the number of messages but still, understand the service as effective and user-friendly. The experts recommend newcomers to purchase the 1-month premium subscription for just $4.95. Such a solution helps members understand whether the service fulfills your personal goals.

How to Start a Contact on the Chatiw Platform?

When your registration is completed, select any user to start communication. No restrictions are attached. Note the system displays random persons, but you are accessible to activate some matching filters when you have some preferences linked with gender, age range, and location. In such a case, the system will show profiles corresponding to the specified characteristics.

Users see a person’s nickname, age, and location only. Furthermore, male accounts are colored blue, while female profiles are pink. Click on a profile to open a chart. Type your message, following the service rules strictly. Emoji and photo attachments are available. Be polite because a person may block you at any time. The messaging interface is straightforward so that a person of any age could not be lost inside the functionality.

When you are going to meet your soulmate, click on the ‘Video Dating’ button to start your online dating sessions. Video calls are possible to be used for friendship search goals as well.

Customer Support Options

Although the platform interface and functionality are easy to understand for each person, a Chatiw review shows registered members face some problems. The customer support team is ready to solve the problem instantly. Users are available to use the following ways to solve their problems:

  • Visit the page of frequently asked questions to find the one you’ve faced the problem with.
  • Fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form. Inscribe your full name, email address, and type your detailed message.
  • Send your email to support@chatiw.com.

Chatiw Resume

The users’ testimonials are splitting down the middle. Some members consider the service a useful platform that allows them to communicate with people worldwide. Other subscribers highlight there are too many scammers on the service. Both opinions make sense, while the truth is somewhere in the middle.

The Chatiw website is a perfect way to spend some free time; hence, the service is mostly appreciated by young on-the-go members. Are you waiting for the end of a queue? Find some exciting people and discuss recent news or share your interests. There are many situations where we have to wait for several minutes or even hours. Why don’t you spend this time to find out something new, meet your special someone, or just have fun?

The platform is straightforward in every detail, starting from the registration process. No email address or real name is required. Inscribe some basic data to get access and communicate with persons worldwide. Profiles are poorly detailed, but you are still accessible to activate some filters and make your search precise.

Emoji and attachments make messages more vivid. All features are available for standard users. Premium membership plans are accessible, making the functionality more extended and free of ads. Prices are modest. Furthermore, a person can purchase a lifetime subscription. Join Chatiw to get free unlimited communication.

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