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FetLife Review: One Stop Solution For Access To The Fetish World

FetLife Review: One Stop Solution For Access To The Fetish World
About Site
Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 18-35
Profiles 4 550 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website offers a highly supportive community
  • The membership of the website is cheap and affordable
  • You are sure to find a diversity of kinks on the site
  • You can come out with your sexuality and sexual fantasies openly
  • The member base of the site is enormous
  • Finding a partner who shares similar sexual fantasies is relatively easy on the website
  • The user interface of the site is an ancient school
  • Most of the features of the website resemble a social networking site
  • Majority of profiles on the site are not complete
  • No stringent verification test to ensure genuine profiles
  • Mobile application needs the effort to download
  • The proportion of women on the site is comparatively less than men

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FetLife is an adult social networking site catering to BDSM, Kink, and Fetish community members’ needs.

  • The site offers free membership but accepts donations at the same time to ensure the provision of additional privileges
  • Currently, the area enjoys browsing by nearly eight million members across the globe.
  • Once you become a member of the site, you can join groups and engage in discussions.

BitLove Inc. is the mastermind behind the creation of this online dating site. The website has been serving the community since 2008, ensuring to fulfill the members’ sexual interests. The primary focus of the site lies in sexual fantasies, including BDSM, fetishism, or kink. The majority of the site features are available for use free of cost to all the members.

However, to access a few features, you need to lend some “support” to the website, which offers additional privileges to the member. You need to pay a minimal amount for that too. With more and more people acknowledging their sexual interests and fanaticism, the site’s member base increases daily, with more and more members engaging in group discussions and private messages. Some of the features you might come across in the FetLife Website are quite similar to the social networking sites like Facebook.

Not only can you make friends on the website, but you can also follow other members and post on their walls. Around 4,500,000 members on the site are from the USA alone, and nearly 100,000 new members can be seen signing up on the website per month. The entire community of the website comprises people who share similar interests in exploring BDSM, Kink, and the Fetish world.

Around seventy-five percent of the website population are men, and only twenty-five percent of women are actively using this platform. In real life, it might be hard to find a partner for yourself who shares the same sexual interests as you do; however, this is not the case on FetLife. You can quickly encounter a partner of your preference who has an equal interest in BDSM, Kink, and the Fetish world as you do.

Even if you are new to the Fetish world or are trying your sexual fantasies for the first time, you are welcome to create an account. Via group discussions, you always learn more things and explore total new concepts related to BDSM, Kink, and Fetish. Not only can you read the public comments in private, but if you desire, you can also participate actively by reverting to these comments. The majority of the active members are in the age group of twenty-five to thirty-five years.

Old Fashioned User Interface But Easy To Use

Old Fashioned User Interface But Easy To Use

FetLife is one of the popular adult dating websites that shares most of the features with a social networking site. The layout and design of the website are user friendly and straightforward. Without decorating the site much with photos and graphics, the first thing you get to see when you access the site’s homepage is a black background with an introduction to the site in white ink and an invitation to join the website by clicking on the red icon.

As you scroll down the website, there is not much that you get to learn about the site but just a figure indicating total members on the website. Though the color combination makes the site dull and boring, one thing that needs appreciation is the readily available icons that even people who are not tech-savvy can easily explore. However, people demand a better website view in the FetLife Review.

Six Tab Informative User Profiles

  • To complete your profile, you need to fill in six tabs
  • Photos and videos you upload automatically demonstrates on your profile
  • Your activity reflects on the profile and is visible to other members
  • Other members can write on your profile wall, but you have the authority to format
  • find the list of your friends and followers on your profile page

The website’s member profiles are quite descriptive as you need to complete the profile by filling in six parts. The first part comprises the information you fill in during the registration process you can now edit. Apart from this, you can directly add your interests in this section. On the second tab, you need to give a short narrative about yourself and format the same to make it look more presentable. On the next account, you are free to put your relationship with other members on the website on display, but you can only do this if you are already friends with the other person.

You can add websites and links that you want your friends to visit and explore in section four. The remaining two units are for you to upload your photos and videos. You must keep in mind that you can upload a video that is up to 5GB in size. All your activities on the website are visible on your profile, but you can keep it private. However, because it is not mandatory to complete the profile section, you may come across plenty of incomplete profiles. Lack of verification tests also makes detecting the profiles that are fake a little difficult. You can see your friend’s and followers’ list on the left side of your main profile.

Features That Are Specific To The Site

Features That Are Specific To The Site

The website has in store to offer members some of the most useful yet straightforward functions. Among all the features, one unique characteristic renders the website aloof from all other adult dating sites. The unique part of the website is as follows:

  • Fetishes

Fetishes are among the most useful features that allow the members to explore the fetishes that might interest them. There are around more than sixty choices of fetishes. After choosing one of your options, the website redirects you to members and groups sharing a similar interest. Also, you can find a list of similar fetishes that might interest you.

Mobile Application To Ease Connections On The Go

  • Download the App in. APK format for Android phones from FetLife.vip
  • The app is unavailable for download on Google Playstore or App Store.
  • Access mobile versions of the site using any mobile browser

Platform undoubtedly has an application available for use to the android users, but you cannot download it from the Google Playstore. The only option to download the app is in.APK format, which you can find on the FetLife.vip website. For iOS users, the only option to use the website on the phone is by exploring the mobile version using any mobile browser, including Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. BE it the app, desktop, or mobile versions; all the three platforms are easy-to-use and straightforward.

According to the FetLife Reviews, the majority of people prefer using the mobile version of the website. Though you can receive and send messages using the app version, there is a time-out for you to reach the maximum number of them and requests you send. However, the relieving factor is that the time-out lasts just for a few hours. You can keep the notifications on to receive updates about the latest happenings. The majority of functions that you find on the app are similar to those you see on the desktop version.

One Way Registration Process

One Way Registration Process

  • You can register on the website free of cost
  • The registration process is not too stringent
  • Having an email address to register is a must
  • Option to verify the account using your mobile number
  • No chance to link the account to other social networking sites

Unlike other adults, online dating sites that follow a stringent and long registration process, registering on FetLife, are straightforward. All you need to do is fill in the information, and you are good to go. You require to fill in details, including your nickname, sexual orientation, role, gender, date of birth, location, and email address. The site requires you to fill in your mobile number, where the site sends you a link to verify your account.

There is also an option to retrieve your account using the email address or the mobile number that you provide to the site if you forget your login credentials. Unlike other dating sites, there is no option to sign up on the website using your other social networking accounts, though you have a chance to post the link to your social media accounts in the profile section letting your friends find you there. People appreciate this aspect of the site in their FetLife Review.

Costs and Prices Of Getting Services After Paying The Support

Costs and Prices Of Getting Services After Paying The Support

Members can make payments to offer support to the website via bank transfer, credit card, direct debit, GiroPay, Paysafecard, or bitcoin.

  • Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total
  • 6 Months 5.00 USD / Month 30.00 USD
  • 12 Months 5.00 USD / Month 60.00 USD
  • 24 Months 5.00 USD / Month 120.00 USD

Free Services To Explore On The Website

Most of the services that the website offers are available for free to all the members. Some of the free services by FetLife include:

  • Members can send and receive messages without having to upgrade membership
  • You can view photos plus videos that other members post for free
  • Members are also open to joining the groups on the website

You get certain features on the platform, only if you are willing to pay a little amount in the form of support. These fee-based services include:

  • You get a Support FetLife badge on your profile which makes it look all the more genuine
  • You get access to the pictures and videos that are popular on Perv Today
  • Members have access to go back twenty-five times in their friend feed

Must Try Portal For Fulfilling Your Sexual Fantasies

For those who have an interest in weird sex stuff, this is a perfect platform. The online dating portal promises to help you fetch a kinky fix immediately once you become a member. With an easy signup process, you get the flexibility to edit your information later as well and delete the photos and videos that you do not like.

Unlike another streamlined dating site, FetLife is more of a social community where you can join group discussion or be a silent spectator. A news feed helps you get a glance at the activities of the other members on the site. Apart from the community’s supportiveness, you need to appreciate the presence of like-minded people on a single platform, which implies that you can be honest about your desires and needs.

FetLife Is A Genuine Adult Dating Site

FetLife Is A Genuine Adult Dating Site

People in their FetLife Review request the website follow some stringent verification process to ensure that only honest people create a profile. Lack of stringent verification tests allows fake users to create a profile on the site, but if these aside, this platform is a genuine effort to meet adults’ dating needs.

FetLife Does Not Put Much Pressure On Your Financial Resources

Unlike many other online adult dating sites, being a member of a FetLife website is comparatively cheap and affordable.

Keeping In Touch With Other Members On FetLife

  • Messaging on the platform is a free feature
  • Using the search bar, you can easily find the partner of your choice
  • Explore tab is another way to meet other members on the site
  • Messages share a format that is similar to sending an email
  • To look for members who are nearby, you can click on the Perv Kinkster Nearby option that is available on the conversations page

One of the website’s most lucrative features is contacting other members by sending them a direct message. You can send as many notes as you like to as many people you want as it is a free feature. Explore the FetLife search bar present at the top-left of your screen to find other members and find yourself a partner who shares similar sexual fantasies as you do. To your surprise, you will find that some members are responsive, but not all.

Viewing other members’ photos and videos is a free feature giving you a glimpse of the member’s actual personality before deciding to send them a direct message. On the conversations page, you can find an option that says Perv Kinkster Nearby. Clicking on this option helps you look for the members who are present within your vicinity. To get accurate results, you must put in your location accurately and keep it up to date. Checking your inbox, archive, and sent messages icons help you keep track of messages you receive and send.

Seeking Instant Customer Support And Help

One of the things that many people appreciate about the website in their FetLife Reviews is the instant customer support services available. In case of any issues, you are free to contact customer service in multiple ways; email is one of the most responsive ways. You can write to customer support at privacy@fetlife.com and get instant feedback.

Give It A Try Today

Give It A Try Today

It is one of the most popular dating sites that offer a useful way to allow its members to accept their sexuality and sexual fantasies. Most effectively, the website facilitates embracing the innermost desires that the members have. There is no harm in creating an account on the profile and taking the chances with a free membership. Another worth noting feature of the website is that it shares plenty of features with the social networking site. Most of the activities you do reflect on the news feed of other members on the site. The probability of finding a perfect match is relatively high. Many people in their FetLife Review mention how they chose to upgrade their membership after finding the website useful and fulfilling their needs.

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