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Grindr Review- Features, Costs and Everything You Should Know

Grindr Review- Features, Costs and Everything You Should Know
About Site
Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 68%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 300 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free membership.
  • Highlighted filters.
  • Geotargeting.
  • Irritating Pop-up ads.
  • Tricky interface.
  • Many fake profiles.

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Grindr LLC came up with this exciting dating portal in 2009; Apart from being the best choice for gays, it is one of the gay dating sites too. You can also get options for trans, bi, queer singles, and many others. Till now, there are over 27,000,000 members in this community, and the number is only increasing. Another unique element to the Grindr website added in April 2018 was the HIV status that fetched a lot of criticism. That is the reason why many people also refrained from using these websites.

Above all, this is an exceptional dating app that gives access to find true love and even long-term companionship for transsexual people. For those searching for compatible queer people, this is a perfect website to head up and live your sexual fantasies. After many controversies, Grindr decided to maintain the HIV status while it would not share it with any other third-party users.

User-friendly Website Design

User-friendly Website Design

The next part of the Grindr review is the user-friendly website design that makes it possible for transsexual people to find like mates. All you require doing is enter the sign-in username and legit password to get access. It is amongst the leading platforms where bi-sexual people can get a plethora of options for similar companions. They can use various communication options to get in touch with the other users and indulge in friendly chats and night-long discussions. You can use this website either through the app or the portal option.

Few peculiar aspects of its website design are as follows:

  • Swipe anywhere to find the user’s profile details, such as photos and other information.
  • Tap at the chat bubble option to the bottom right corner, indicating that you got a message with a red dot.
  • A green dot signifies the online status.
  • With a yellow circle, it is evident that there are several unread messages from a specific user.
  • You can also send your private photo by tapping the camera icon in the chat window.
  • Other aspects of the design are to delete photos or messages to discard it from a specific conversation.
  • Grindr Xtra members can also save phrases with it.
  • Instant push notification is evident as soon as you receive a new message.
  • Gaymoji option makes it a unique portal. It comprises more than 500 LGBTQ- theme stickers for sending customized messages.
  • The user’s profile information is accessible with the profile view option.

What About the Profiles on Grindr?

What About the Profiles on Grindr?

There are certain norms and restrictions relevant to profiles that you can find with these Grindr Reviews. Every gay couple can enjoy a good companionship and bond of love after following the profile options on this platform. Let’s identify the various aspects of profiles on this website.

While you are creating a profile over here, it is vital to consider the makers’ norms over here. Every user can only upload one photo at a time to avoid any confusion. The next aspect is that the majority of the fields appearing on this website are not mandatory. This indicates that bi-sexual people can make profiles here without revealing much of the information. Another aspect is you can edit details displayed over here at any point in time. The next option is to link various social media accounts with this website. If the other user allows you access to their profile, it is also possible to view their distance from a different location.

There are 5 essential sections that you need to fill up, and they are as follows:

  • Info- In the Info section, you need to add details such as display name and a small intro about yourself.
  • Statistics- You also need to add statistics like weight, ethnicity, body type, age, height, position, and relationship status.
  • Identity- Enter gender options such as woman, man, on-binary, or customized genders. You can make settings as per your preferences.
  • Sexual health- Users of the Grindr website need to add four crucial sections, such as the Last tested date, HIV status, sexual health FAQ, and the testing reminders.

After fulfilling all these sections, you can complete the verification steps on this portal and become a legit user over here. Another alternative is to link social media accounts with your profile. It means you can enter the Instagram username, Facebook account detail, and Twitter handle over here. However, you can make multiple edits to optimize the number of users reaching out to you. It might be sure that you can avail of a hang-out friend or the permanent soul mate for you with some efforts.

Salient Features of This Spectacular Site for Transsexuals

Salient Features of This Spectacular Site for Transsexuals

Grindr review states that there many fascinating features on this website that stand it out from the others. Apart from the excellent networking of bi and gay users, you also get some real buddies to cherish your moments. Both the app and website versions have some unique features that make this portal all the more impressive. Dating, chatting, video calls, and there are a lot many things making it worth a visit. Some of the unique features from Grindr are as follows:

  • Taps- If you find any profile exciting and wish to get in touch or contact them, the Tap option can serve your purpose. After someone wants to connect with you and gets interested, they would tap back.
  • Favorite- By making a click at the favored option, you can bookmark the user profiles that appear attractive to you. By marking them as a favorite, you can keep your top list profile, but they would not know about it.
  • Gaymojis- Isn’t it amazing to express your emotions through trending emojis? What if there is a unique set of emojis for like-minded people? Well, that’s what Grindr aims at. You do not have to write any long length sentences as only a few lines can complete this work for you. There are many LGBTQ- Themed emojis that add a fabulous fun quotient to the regular conversation. Besides, it helps in establishing a sense of personal touch within the community. With a whopping range of more than 500 Gaymojis, this site is highly compatible with many other social media apps.
  • Explore- Do you wish to indulge in a chat or make relations from across international borders? This feature helps the users to ponder various profiles from another country and then pick the best one. For this, you can also make an upgrade by purchasing its premium subscription. All of this helps you to explore gay love and companionship from all over the globe.

Mobile App for Grindr website is available

Once you complete the sign-up and registration successfully for this portal, the next available option is log in. You can log in through a mobile application or even with the web version. To log in, you need to visit at https://web.grindr.com/ and enter the credentials. After that, download the app and start using it right away. Once you start using the application, there is no necessity to log in unless you log out from it.

Simple and Straightforward Registration Process

Simple and Straightforward Registration Process

Sign up process, and the registration is also straightforward over here. You can easily download its free version of this app from various mediums, such as its website. There is also an option to download from the play store for Android users. At the same time, iPhone users can download it through the App Store. Once you download the app, the next step is to click on the Sign-Up tab on your mobile screen’s top-right corner area. But before that, you need to spare some time for sneaking through the terms and conditions of using it. After that, click on the ‘Next’ button and proceed to accept. Now again, press next to go through its privacy policy closely.

In the next step, you have to enter the email address, add the date of birth, generate a password, and then go to the ‘Create Account’ button. There is also a sign-up alternative available by using the right credentials for your Google Account or Facebook. Later on, tap at the Google or Facebook icon to comply with the online instructions and create it.

You have to add a profile picture on Grindr Website using the phone camera by clicking a fresh one or uploading it from your gallery. Website Owners have a stringent compliance policy in terms of adding profile pictures to the account. You cannot display any nudity or pornography through this portal. An ideal option is to add your date of birth, name, gender, and then ‘Save’ it. It is solely the choice of users whether they want to display the age or hide it. After that, you can also turn on the location of the device.

To finish with the registration process, you can make relationship preferences such as friends, dates, networking, and chat options. All these details are at display merely with one glimpse of your profile. After verifying that you entered the right details, click on ‘Next,’ and you are good to go live now.

Costing and Prices for Signing-Up with Grindr

A keen Grindr review also bought to notice the free membership option available over here. It helps you send and receive messages to connect and live your dreams with a compatible Bi-sexual partner. It is also possible to access its premium options like unlimited and Xtra. Are you not sure about using this dating site? No problem! You can start by using its free version and then opt for its paid type. However, you might refrain from access to its advanced features with the use of the free version. Thus, you can start luring yourself with the free functionality and then opt for its paid version.

Enjoy Romantic Moments with the Free Services on Grindr Website

Enjoy Romantic Moments with the Free Services on Grindr Website

Not all folks are sure whether these types of dating platforms are legit or not. Grindr reviews suggest that you can get a free trial on every user account. There are many doubts about running down their minds. Such as whether they can discover some true relations over here or not. Hence, they prefer starting with the free versions and then opt for the paid choices. Free features available on this dating portal are as follows:

  • Using Gaymojis
  • Creation of a profile and adding images
  • Sending and receiving mails
  • Click at Gaymojis
  • Use of geolocation to filter matches
  • Access to new members

Features That Comes With Price Tag

  • Low cost of advertising
  • All free membership features include
  • More than 600 profile accessible at one go
  • Online users visible
  • Users having a specific profile photo available
  • Ample chances to block the unwanted and click at favorites
  • Use of saved phrases for easy chats
  • Easy access for all premium filters
  • Option to send several photos at one go

Costs for registering with this dating site are as stated below:

1-month subscription at $24.99

3 months subscription at $20.97 (30% off and only $6.99 per month)

6 months subscription at $29.94 (50% off and only $4.99 per month)

12 months subscription at $47.88 (60% off and only $3.99 per month)

GrindrXtra- If you wish to be a premium member of this website and gain some more benefits of gay dating, switch to GrindrXtra. It is an excellent paid membership option where you have ‘Unlimited’ membership available at $50/Month. For the fans of this platform, this is an extravaganza. Attractive features it supports are:

  • A glance at who viewed your profile in the past 24 hours.
  • Users can undo the messages and photos sent by them.
  • With the incognito tab, users have an alternative to scroll and chat without showing up in the grid or any member’s ‘Viewed me’ list.
  • You can figure out who is actively writing with the typing status dots that appear while being online.
  • Innumerable option for hook-ups and profile browsing available to engage in continuous chats.

The cost of upgrading to Grindr XTRA is around $49.99 per month and $299.99 for 12 months. Various payment modes are also available such as Mastercard, American Express, Visa, and other cards. Besides, automatic renewal is available for subscriptions until you cancel it.

Users Appreciate the Website

Users Appreciate the  Website

Here is a few real-life Grindr review by the users who found themselves a good match and desirable companionship on this app. All Bi-sexual and gay couples find this portal a perfect spot to curb their desire for perfect matches. In the outside world, it is not so easy to find options for the same gender connections. People often get judgemental and end up making the wrong conclusions. Hence, the better way out is downloading this app and discovering the real fragrance of true love that displays the right connections. Let’s sneak at some real-life reviews.

“I got delighted to witness such a huge community of same gender people who are ready to quick meet-ups. While sitting alone a restaurant or bar, I found it tricky to connect with the people with same interests. Hunting for singles online is also sometimes a task. But catching up on people from different backgrounds and hanging out with them got easy with Grindr. I got so many potential dating options through this platform within a couple of minutes. Only problem was the burst out of so many unfiltered messages. Sometimes, it is very tricky to spot out the best mates.”

Michael, 21

“After getting tired to hiding my sexual fantasy and desires for so long, finally I got a platform where I could openly share my true side. There was no judgement on my preferences and rather the response was overwhelming. To top it all, there were so many profiles which I could browse whole day. I thoroughly enjoy the time spent on this app.”

Is Grindr an Authentic Dating Website?

You can rely on Grindr for complete safety and security. It is a beautiful dating app where you can scroll through several accounts to make choices. However, just like many other dating apps, even this one also gives several unverified accounts. Hence, it is better to maintain some precautions before fixing an actual date or commitment to anyone. Many users might have an evil intention, and it is necessary to figure it out. If you find it unsafe or capture any abnormal or suspicious activity around, immediately report it to Grindr for taking action.

The profiles’ technical format includes many personal and sensitive data that users directly receive from third parties. Thus, you never get complete security of the data that you share. As per the reviews, there is some level of sensitivity for the critical data on display. Your name, email address, photo, and location are a few things you might share with other users. To ensure additional security, this website uses cookies to retrieve details about activities on this app. They also gather information about the billing address, payment details, email address, and phone numbers.

Is Grindr an Expensive App/site?

Is Grindr an Expensive App/site?

Are you searching for a perfect hook-up with bi, gay, trans, or queer people? If yes, Grindr can filter the searches by adding members’ locations and connecting to people with similar interests. Although you can use its free version, it is advisable to go for a premium subscription to get the right filters.

Can You Get Free Communication Option in Grindr?

Users can easily chat with other people after clicking on their profile picture and then ping them at the app’s bottom-right corner. Grindr website comprises an inbuilt chat alternative that allows members to establish communication with members. After you initiate a conversation, a quick message display is available.

Seeking Help and Support is Simple

Assistance and support available at this website are pretty compatible and divided into various categories. You can also spot a Spanish version here. Besides, there is also an extra section dedicated to sexual health resources to assure complete safety. In case of doubt, you can make a request and receive information related to the problem. This website is very prompt and quick in responding to user queries and issues. Hence, you can stay relaxed and take complete leverage of this exotic chatting platform.

Concluding Thoughts

Concluding Thoughts

The Grindr review’s entire crux indicates a popular and impeccable dating platform for gay, trans or bisexual relationships. Despite having a few flaws, this is interestingly a leading option for finding the same gender love. Also, your payment is entirely safe and secure over here. Few profiles are non-verified, due to which you might face a doubt of trust, but overall it is an excellent option to take relationships to the next level. Even your payment details are complete secured with their advanced safety protocols. The only advice is to stay vigilant while dating online, as you never know about other users’ mindsets.

Getting into long-term commitments should be a slow process as a quick rush might end you with undesirable choices. Above, you have all the information on the signing-up and registration process. You have to follow it and start dating on Grindr Website today. Whether you wish for some flings, hook-ups, or casual relationships in the gay community, this is a perfect platform for connecting and starting. Even the membership cost is also quite reasonable, and especially if you purchase a yearly subscription, it is even more affordable. Thus, visit Grindr and sign-up today to enjoy its advanced features. Explore gay love and gay dating sites at its best over here!

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