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Japan Cupid Review: Great Dating Site?

Japan Cupid Review: Great Dating Site?
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 985 000
Reply Rate 74%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Wide choices among females from different Asian countries.
  • Simple sign-up process.
  • Affordable monthly/yearly subscription.
  • No extra cost to browse profiles.
  • Creative and innovative Cupid tag features.
  • No access to all features for free users.
  • No possibility to chat for free users.
  • Fear of fake profiles and scammers.
  • Suspension of profiles without warning.

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Japan Cupid is a dating website designed especially for Japanese people. Its main target audience is at the age of 18-24, but it generally welcomes every age group and all people around the world to find a Japanese partner for themselves. Whether the user is looking for a friendship, a casual relationship, or even a life partner, this website can cater to all your needs.

How Many Languages Does Japan Cupid Support?

The platform supports multiple languages. Since it welcomes people worldwide, it has the benefit of selecting the language as per the user’s requirement. Here are some of the languages you can choose: Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Italian.

Who Owns It?

Cupid Media Pty Ltd. owns this dating website as well as tons of other ones.

Where Is Japan Cupid Based Now?

This website is now based on the Gold Coast, Australia.

When Was It Founded?

When Was It Founded?

It was founded in the year 2005 and now is a part of the network called Cupid Media.

Is Japan Cupid Available Worldwide?

Yes. Although originally designed for single Asians to find their life partner, the platform has widened its spectrum worldwide. Asian people can connect with people anywhere around the world.

Special Features

This website is able to attract millions of users around the globe thanks to its special features. Most of the features are available to free users. Here are some special features of the Japan Cupid website.

Showing Interest

This feature helps a user show interest in other profiles by winking or smiling, similarly to a number of other dating platforms.

Photo and Video

The users are free to upload their photos on their profiles to attract other users and gain compatible matches. To stand amongst the crowd, they can also upload videos of themselves.

Cupid Tags

Cupid tags are the exclusive feature provided by Japan Cupid. It increases your chances to connect with someone you have whatever in common with. Type a keyword that represents your personality in the form of tags. Such tags make it easier for like-minded users to see you while browsing through dating profiles.

Instant Messenger

The users of this website can easily message the ones that they feel connected to. However, only gold and platinum members can access this feature.

Member Number

The Japan Cupid website allots member numbers to everyone who joins. This member number helps the user is searching for a match. Users can simply type the number of the person they want to search for and start a conversation.

Advanced Search

This feature allows users to search their partners according to their requirements. The users can search for people based on their appearances, lifestyle, religious background, language proficiency, etc. With the help of Cupid tags, this feature lessens the burden of browsing through random profiles.

Audience Quality

The audience of Japan Cupid is very active. As of 2020, thousands of users have opted for this website to search for their partners. Those aged 25-34 and 35-44 are widely active across the globe. Since this website is popular worldwide, many non-Japanese members sign up with an intention of dating Japanese men or women. Japan Cupid reviews claim that there has been an increase in Japanese women on the website that makes it easier for men to find their perfect match.

Age Distribution

This number one online dating website in Asia only allows singles that are above 18 years old. However, there is no upper age limit, so it turns out to be difficult to filter out older men and women. This can lead to fake profiles and scammers. On the other side, the user can stick to their preferences using the advanced search.

Fakes and Scammers

Japan Cupid asks for identification during registration. However, some people create fake identities just to get into the website. This increases the threats of fake profiles and scammers. However, this website is known for its safe and fun environment, so if the users find any suspicion on the website, they can easily report it. That particular account will be banned.

Mobile App and Website

Japan Cupid is one of the few dating platforms that provide both a mobile application and a website. There is no need to pay any extra sum to avail of this benefit.

Japan Cupid App

This mobile application has the same features as the website, including the easy signup and login processes. The users can also enjoy the advanced messenger that only the Japan Cupid app provides. One can receive instant notifications and easily upgrade their membership. The app is supported on Android as well as iOS devices.

Japan Cupid Website

This leading Japanese dating website allows users to find their perfect match. One can use their computers or mobile phones to easily sign up and benefit from the services.

Can I Use the App with the Help of My Computer?

Yes. Users can simply download the mobile app on their PC. This app works on operating systems like Windows and Apple OS. The recently updated version is already available.

Which Browsers Support This Site?

The users can use this website on any browser, but make sure to keep the browser well-updated.

Why Am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

Why Am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

The Japan Cupid website allows users with and without an identification process. However, while signing up, it is beneficial to identify themselves to make their profiles genuine. If a user is having trouble getting on the site, they have to enter the correct user name or password. In case they forget their password, they can always reset it easily. Also, you may face difficulties accessing your account if it has been banned without warning. Try contacting customer service; they will solve this problem.


The main purpose of creating the Japan Cupid website was to make it easy to use for all age groups. That’s why its design is not at all complicated. The existing users won’t be getting lost between advertisements or articles that keep on popping. The users can browse profiles as many as they wish, which results in successful communication with the matches.

Registration Process

One can register either using their Facebook account or via email. Japan Cupid does not share any information about the social media network profiles of its users. Another way is manual registration. You need to select your gender as well as the gender you are looking for. Also, you need to fill in some personal information like name, age, and where you live.

After filling all of these boxes, you can enter your email address and create a password. The password that you set will help you log in to the website anywhere, anytime. And lastly, check on the box that states you agree to all their privacy policy, and that’s it. Now, you are free to look for singles.

Can I Unmatch a Japan Cupid member?

No, you can’t cancel the existing match, but you can always delete or block a particular account if you are not interested anymore.

How Old Should You Be to Register?

Every new user must be 18 or above.

Which Ways Can I Verify My Account?

Verification on this website is optional; however, it encourages all the members to verify their profiles. If the user wants to do so, they can simply click on ‘Verify.’ Then, the user must upload a copy of identification to complete the process.

How Do I Verify My Email?

You might get a verification email in your inbox and with other details.

What Happens If I Register Using my Facebook Account?

What Happens If I Register Using my Facebook Account?

The members of Japan Cupid are free to register through various social network platforms. The website respects the users’ privacy, so they do not notify anything about your Facebook account.

Can I Use the Site Without Signing Up?

If you wish to find your match, you will have to sign up to use the search and communicative facilities.

Profile Set-Up

After successful registration, it’s time to create your profile. This is easy and simple but can be a little lengthy compared to the registration process. You can start by filling out your complete details, for example, your name, the gender you are looking for, lifestyle, background, studies, beliefs, etc. Some Japan Cupid reviews say that setting up your profile is very neat and organized. The wide choice of languages helps to attract new members to the website.

Can I Delete a Photo That I Uploaded Before?

The users cannot delete the photos they have uploaded, but they can hide them from other users. To do so, click on “Edit Photo” and select “Hide.” This way, your photos will stay hidden until you want them to be visible again.

How Do I Edit My Username?

To edit the username on your profile, you can choose the “Edit Profile” option and make changes as needed. These changes may take 24 hours to appear on your profile.

Is There an Option to Delete My Japan Cupid Profile?

There is no function on the website that lets you delete your account on your own. But you can write an email from your registered address to team@japancupid.com. You’ll have to choose the reason for deleting the account, and it will be deleted.

What Happens If I Disable the “Show Me on Japan Cupid“ Option?

The platform lets the user decide whether to show their profile or hide it. Everyone can hide their profile anytime, for which it is needed to disable this option. The profile will stay hidden until they switch it back on.

Can I Delete the Information I Once Submitted?

You can easily make changes to your profile. If you’d like to delete some information, do it manually by selecting the “Edit Profile” or contact customer service anytime.

The site allows its members to search for profiles using Cupid tags and member numbers.

Is It Possible to See the Japan Cupid Members I Liked?

No. You cannot see the members who you have liked, but they will be notified about it.

What Are the Different Options of Search?

In addition to regular ones, the Japan Cupid website offers a special search feature known as Advanced Search. The user can filter out other users according to their preferences and eventually find the perfect partner they are looking for.

Can I See If Someone Likes Me If I Am a Free Member?

Free members are allowed to search and communicate with their person of interest, but other site features are locked for them. They can choose from various membership plans to receive notifications when liked by someone.


Japan Cupid allows its users to message each other. However, this benefit is only available for those who have purchased a membership. If you have, you can use instant messenger or create a chat room that helps to communicate with your partner.

How Can I Start Messaging with Someone?

Since there are no restrictions on messaging, the users have to be alert for frauds and scammers. If you feel suspicious about another member on the website, you can terminate the conversation and block that member.

How Can I Message Someone?

The users on Japan Cupid can message other users if they wish to. Go to the profile of the one you’d like to talk with and click the message bubble to start a conversation.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Unfortunately, sending messages is not free. Free users can browse through profiles for a fun experience but cannot send messages to the members they are interested in.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me?

How Do I See Who Messaged Me?

To see messages on your profile, you must be logged in. Once you are, you will receive notifications. You can also click on “Messages” to view the messages.

How Do I Use the Camera on Japan Cupid?

One can use the camera on the mobile application to video message other members.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me?

This website allows the user to receive messages only if the sender meets their criteria. The user who messages you but does not meet your criteria will automatically be moved to the “Filtered” box. The users can also check the filtered messages.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

There are three types of membership options available on Japan Cupid:

  • Standard membership (which is free).
  • Gold membership (in USD):
One month $29.98
Three months $20.00 per month
Twelve months $10.00 per month

  • Platinum membership (in USD):
One month $34.99
Three months $23.33 per month
Twelve months $12.50 per month

Free Membership Features

Free members on the Japan Cupid website can create their profiles and search for other members. They will be provided with basic matches, view profiles, and show interest. Free members can also view activity lists of their own as well as others.

Premium Membership Features

  • Gold members can:
  1. Create a full detailed profile and upload photos.
  2. Message all members.
  3. Live chat using instant messenger.
  4. Hide their profile and browse anonymously.
  5. Enjoy the absence of ads.
  • Platinum members can:
  1. Appear at the top of the search results.
  2. Double the profile spaces.
  3. Get advanced matches.
  4. Use a translator.

Does Japan Cupid Offer a Premium Membership?

Can I Delete the Information I Once Submitted?

Yes, it does. It offers two types of premium membership: Gold and Platinum.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

Membership can be canceled anytime by simply dropping an appropriate email to customer service.

Is Membership Auto-Renewed?

It depends on which one you have chosen. If the auto-renewal option is not there on your membership settings, then it will not be auto-renewed.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Time?

Japan Cupid is all about customer satisfaction. If the user is not utilizing the full benefit of their membership, the platform will initiate a partial refund.

Is My Support to Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Yes. The support will be renewed every month unless you cancel auto-billing.

Suppose I Am Not Satisfied with the Service. Can I Get my Money Back?

In this case, users are to write an email to the team stating the exact reason they would like to have their money back.

How Will My Japan Cupid Support Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

It will appear as “JapanCupid.com Southport AU” or “Cupid Media Internet GB.”

Can I Give Support to Other Members?

No. You cannot give your support to members on the website. This might indicate suspicion and violation of rules.

Can I Send Support for Just a Month?

Yes, a month is a minimum period of support.

Is the Platform under Review Really Safe?

Japan Cupid reviews have been equally proportionate between positive and negative remarks. As said above, this website focuses on customer satisfaction, which requires a strict privacy policy. That’s why you are only asked for the basic information when registering. That information is confidential and will not be disclosed until you want so.


The site will not disclose its users’ information unless the user allows it or under a legal order. However, it always warns its members to use the services carefully.

Are the Chats Encrypted?

No. Conversations between any members are not encrypted, but the site will never disclose any of that information. Although, users have to be careful of frauds and hackers.

Can Japan Cupid Track Me Down?

The platform records the IP addresses of its members. But they do not disclose it unless it’s a case of cybercrime.

Can Japan Cupid Be Traced by the Police?

It is a possibility, but only in the cases of threats and misconduct.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy?

The members can always rely on privacy@mediacupid.com in case of any queries regarding privacy policy. Another variant is to contact customer service, fill out the query form, and submit it.


Platinum members can

Safety is very important to users when it comes to online dating. With the Japan Cupid website, all the information of a user is confidential and safe. If any suspicion of misconduct by any members is reported to the website team, they will take care of this issue as soon as they can.

Are the Forum Threads Moderated?

This website takes every problem into consideration and tries to resolve it immediately. Any new feature introduced is carefully scanned to make sure that there are no bugs.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses a Japan Cupid Account to Solicit Money?

In such cases, other users should report that member. The website will re-identify their account, erase any personal data collected from it, and take actions as per the law.

Banned Accounts

If a website member does not follow the safety protocols and may put other members at the risk of scamming, their account will be immediately banned.

Why Can’t I Access My Account?

If a user is facing this problem, this might be because they have entered the wrong user name or password. Another reason might be that their account has been banned. This happens mostly because the other members have found their profile suspicious and reported it. To have it reactivated, the user needs to reach out to the Japan Cupid website team.

How Long Are the Bans?

In case you do contact the team about reactivation, they will review your account and request within 24 to 48 hours.

Protect Yourself

Playing safe is essential while browsing on whatever online dating website, not excluding Japan Cupid.

How Can I Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

If a user finds another suspicious, they are free to report it to the website. The easiest way is to go to that user’s profile, click on “Report” and leave it to the website officials to handle.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted in My Account?

The Japan Cupid website advises all of its members not to add sensitive information that can be used against them. This includes information like home address, place of work, phone number, etc.

Help and Support

In case of any help or query, users can always reach out to team@japancupid.com.

Real-Life Review

Due to the age restriction, a bunch of minors forges their information to get into the site. This increases the threat of fake profiles, scammers, bots, etc. That is why the users are advised to be alert. Japan Cupid reviews also state that the website contains many bots, which makes it a lot less attractive to new users.

Is Japan Cupid the Best Dating Site/App?

It is definitely one of the best Asian dating sites. Cupid Media, which owns this website, runs 30 more niche dating platforms successfully.

Is It Safe?

This website runs on a well-established network called Cupid Media. As already mentioned, it owns about 30 sites in total, and the users can see the profiles of those from other sites. Hence, the information can be showcased on other websites as well.

Can It Be Regarded As a Hook-up App?

This dating platform caters to everybody, whether they’re looking for a long term relationship, friendship, or casual dating. So, using it as a hook-up app is possible as well.

Is It Free?

Signing up for the Japan Cupid website is free, but for complete access to its features, users had better opt for a premium membership. As for free users, they can choose a standard membership.

How Does It Work?

After registration, a user can create a profile and start searching for the others. With the help of advanced search, they can filter out the profiles under their preferences to find their ideal match. If the website members like their profile or show interest, they can see the notifications once they log in to their account. They will also receive an email notification when the website verifies their email ID.

Are There Fake or Scam Members on Japan Cupid?

Contact Information

Due to optional identity verification, the chances of running out into a fake profile or a scammer are relatively high on this website. Users are advised not to share any sensitive information or money with anyone.

Alternative Sites Like Japan Cupid

The main competitors of the site under review are as follows:

  • Asiandating.com, where all Asians are welcomed to find a loyal partner.
  • ChinaLoveCupid, a site that welcomes Chinese all around the world to connect and find love.
  • Elite Singles that welcome English speaking audience from across the globe.
  • Thai Cupid, an online dating service widely used in Thailand.
  • East Meets East, a website designed for Asian singles in North America, Canada, UK, and beyond.

Contact Information

The users are free to contact the team at team@japancupid.com.

Postal address: JapanCupid.com

Cupid Media Pty Ltd

PO Box 9304

Gold Coast MC QLD 9726



The Japan Cupid website is suitable for all age groups starting from 18 years old. It is open to all Asian singles as well as people worldwide interested in dating Japanese men or women. Do away with your loneliness! It’s time to try something new, and the first stop is Japancupid.com.

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