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Kik Review on 2022

Kik Review on 2022
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Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-34
Profiles 1 253 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.2
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Such a platform is free, despite some paid features
  • People from around the world obtain access to the service; therefore, the community is increasing rapidly
  • The service is straightforward in use for persons of all age ranges. Foremost, its design is truly user-friendly
  • This messenger is free of advertising. Users are not expected to get spam-messages or be involved in public chats
  • Registered persons are available to send messages for free without any limitations
  • The service is compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • Members cannot send voice messages
  • Video calls are not accessible as well inside the service
  • There is no web version of such a platform. The Kik website serves for informational support only
  • Scammers and catfishes may use this service, as there is no verification process

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According to the Kik website, our mobile phones cannot be regarded separately from ourselves. Those magic devices are parts of our lives; therefore, the Canadian developers have launched a unique messenger that doesn’t resemble traditional ones.

Such an app helps users make new friends or special one, as the messenger combines functions of a dating service with traditional chatting applications. Foremost, unlike most other messengers, this application doesn’t require a user’s phone number; hence, registered persons understand the platform as entirely safe.

The Kik was issued in 2009, and the popularity had been rising dynamically. The community has been still extending, attracting new members from all over the world.

Interface And Main Features Of The Web Version

Interface And Main Features Of The Web Version

The Kik review highlights the fact such a platform is not available for PCs. There is a website to perform the informational function. The website is designed in a combination of white and green colors. Both tones are considered relaxing, according to the psychological theory. The upper right-hand menu contains the following info:

  • Features. The insert tells newcomers about the main features inbuilt into the messenger. A person gets a chance to understand which functionality the platform is equipped, and then decide whether to join the community.
  • Community. Learn more on the registered members to understand what kind of persons the platform unites. Generally, the audience is truly different. The service is convenient in use, no matter who you are.
  • Partners. The website invites new people for cooperation. Developers, brands, case studies are accessible to find some useful information.
  • Download. The platform is available for mobile devices only; hence, a person may get links for downloading applications on their smartphone.

Foremost, the website provides access to ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ that are extremely important from the viewpoint of possible disputes. Users are expected to follow the indicated rules strictly.


Kik requires just basic information. Profiles are not detailed: photos and screen names only are available. Furthermore, every registered person gets a unique identification called a Kik code. Other users may find your profile through that code.

According to the official statistics, the total number of registered persons exceeds 2 million. Women outnumber the service (57% to 43% of male representatives). As for the age, this messenger is intended for persons over 12, even though Kik can be possibly used for dating (Note that in some countries, this messenger is available for 18+ persons only). The statistics show a significant shift towards a younger audience. Persons from 20 to 30 years are 37.4% of all registered persons, but the service is useful for all age groups.

Such a service has no restrictions or limitations linked with religious, orientation, ethnicity, or sexual preferences. Every registered member obtains the same rights and needs to follow the platform rules.

While speaking about the geographic distribution of members, some countries are represented by the largest ‘diaspore’. The US users dominate the Canadian service – what a paradox! Their part is 40.69% of the whole community. The other four countries of the top-5 list are: the United Kingdom (7.12%), Germany (4.71%), Canada (4.34%), and India (3.50%). Such a differentiation shows the service is popular around the globe.

The Kik website is among the top-400 most visited platforms connected with communication. The average number of monthly visits exceeds 12 million, while a user spends at least 16 minutes daily browsing the app. Such a result is perfect from the viewpoint of mobile applications intended for on-the-go users.

Unique Options

Unique Options

Based on the Kik reviews, the platform is full of unique features that broaden subscribers’ opportunities. The following features are mentioned as the top ones:

  • Inbuilt browser.

When you open a link within other messengers, those force a user to quite a service; otherwise, it would be impossible to follow a link. The Kik service makes such a process much more convenient. Users are able to open all links within the messenger.

  • Diverse stickers.

Stickers make our messages more emotional, but standard ones don’t allow users to express their emotions fully. Kik contains various stickers packages, both free and paid ones; hence, a user may sound more emotional to catch the attention of friends or special ones.

  • Advertising is not attached!

Let’s tell the truth. Everyone is truly tired of unlimited ads placed throughout the applications. On the one hand, ads help developers to earn some money, while on the other hand, those are kind of a red flag for members. The Kik review emphasizes that the messenger contains no ads at all. No inbuilt ads, no public chat invitations, no spam messages from different companies. That sounds great!

  • Communication with chatbots.

The Kik users never feel lonely. Besides communication with real people, there is an opportunity to communicate with chatbots, get useful tips, or even play exciting games. Such a platform opens an entire virtual world.

Applications For Mobile Devices

The Kik website doesn’t grant a user access to the messenger. Visitors have no download of the application on their mobile devices. Developers have already launched apps for iOS, Android, and Symbian platforms. Until 2017 the application had been available for Windows Phone.

The Kik application for Android devices requires at least the 4.1 version of the system, and 34.7 MB of free storage space is enough to download it. The number of downloads has already exceeded 100 million. Users rate the application at 4.0 stars.

As for iOS-based mobile devices, the application requires the 9.0 version of the system and 180.4 MB of free storage space. Registered persons rate the messenger at 4.1 stars. Such an evaluation shows the application is useful and convenient enough. The service is compatible with iPods, iPads, and iPhones.

Applications are entirely user-friendly. Users are accessible to choose their preferred language among the 13 options. The white color dominates in the color scheme, relaxing a user. The interface looks stylish, and younger subscribers especially appreciate that. The menu column contains the following features:

  • Your account. Edit your profile info.
  • Your Kik code. Send your code to friends to get connected fast.
  • Your web browser history. View what you were looking for within the inbuilt browser.
  • Notifications. Quick access to what’s new.
  • Chat settings. Make your platform settings personalized. The option allows you to activate dark mode, change the background color, etc.
  • Privacy settings. Make your account safe enough.
  • About Us. Learn more about the messenger or contact customer support.

As for significant cons, there is no synchronizing. For instance, you’ve downloaded the Kik application for a mobile phone. There is no opportunity to sign in for an account from a pad.

Sign-Up Process: Necessary Steps

Sign-Up Process: Necessary Steps

A user spends minimum time to open an account on the Kik service. The following steps are required:

  • Download the application for your mobile device.
  • Open the app.
  • Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  • Insert your first and last name.
  • Create a username, as all members register on the service under screen names only.
  • Inscribe your email address.
  • Create a strong password to enter your account.

The messenger requires a new entry to confirm the email address. Open an inbox message and press on the ‘Confirm Email’ button. When you complete the registration, some more features are available. A person may add his or her thumbnail photo to catch more attention (make a new photo or upload a picture from your smartphone). Furthermore, a user is available to choose an emoji status to share mood with friends. Interests make a profile complete; therefore, members can pick up several interests from the list (nature, games, sport, etc.) to get more topics to discuss.

Kik reviews show the available fields are enough to introduce oneself. A person may edit any given information, including a created username and email. The payment mechanism is entirely straightforward. Select the premium package and insert your payment information to confirm the purchase.

Prices Of The Kik Premium Membership

Prices Of The Kik Premium Membership

Canadian developers’ main idea lies in launching a free messenger available to everybody; therefore, most free features are accessible. There is no paid membership on the service. Members are expected to purchase different sticker packages. Those packages allow a user to catch more attention and impress friends and special ones.

Foremost, the developers issued a virtual currency KIN to be used within the ecosystem. Users of the messenger get access to a KIN wallet for free. The price of such an asset is $0.0000096 per coin.

As for the prices of sticker packages, these are different, but in most cases, packages are available for less than $2; therefore, an average Kik review calls the service a low-priced platform. Users are available to buy stickers with the help of their credit cards, which is quick and convenient.

Standard List Of Features

Owners of free accounts are empowered to obtain the following list of features:

  • Complete your profile information. Add or edit personal info, upload photos and statuses; change your email or password.
  • Use different search options. Find the right person by his or her username or by unique Kik code.
  • Send messages for any users, facing no limitations.
  • Make your messages more expressive by attaching emoji, stickers, gifs, or pictures. The number of available attachments truly impresses.
  • Create your memes or sketches that help a person liberate creativity. Send your sketches or memes to your friends or special ones, improving their mood.
  • Set up your privacy settings. Registered users decide on their own who can communicate with them.
  • Get quick and full access to all notifications within the messenger.
  • Create private chats and invite other users to join the chats.
  • Personalize your design and language settings to get the most convenient app interface.

The listed features are just some available for Kik members; hence, this platform is entirely free. Such a characteristic attracts more and more members to join the community.

Kik reviews highlight the fact stickers are a perfect idea to express your thoughts better. Sometimes we cannot express our thoughts in a textual way. Paid exclusive stickers are something to catch a member’s attention at first sight. What’s even more impressive: those stickers are purchased on a one-time basis. Persons don’t need to waste money, as most dating services offer.

The Kik ecosystem empowers users with many features. Subscribers can create their own audios or videos and share this content with friends. Kik users are available to earn money (KIN coins). The coins open access to other services of the ecosystem. KIN tokens are also spent on buying new chats to meet exciting people from all over the world.

A Member Opinion

A Member Opinion

On the one hand, the Kik website and app history started in 2009, while its popularity has been growing since 2011. The messenger proved to be a reliable and convenient way of communication. Within the first year of its existence, the application was joined by more than 100 million members globally. Such a number tells much about the messenger.

Kik is definitely among the most useful applications that perform both communicative and dating features. You need a minute to sign up for the service. Furthermore, the service requires just basic information, avoiding irritating and unnecessary steps.

The running speed of such a messenger is among the top competitive advantages. You can send messages even in case of poor internet connection. Such a feature is extremely useful for on-the-go members and travelers. Notifications are as rapid as the lighting. Kik has a straightforward interface and smooth design. Foremost, all most demanded features are at your fingertips, and nothing irritates you. That’s undoubtedly fantastic. The platform maintains a person’s privacy safeness; therefore, it is convenient to use the messenger for dating.

Well, there are some essential cons like the impossibility of audio and video calls, but in general, the messenger is convenient enough. Kik reviews call this application rather competitive to such giants like What’s App or Viber.

Is Kik A Legit Application Or Scam?

A Kik review highlights the fact that developers had put the main accent on safeness and privacy. New entries are not obliged to give their phone numbers while completing the registration process. Moreover, no real names are shown. A person creates a unique screen name that can be edited. Photo upload is optional. Users are accessible to send and receive messages in the incognito mode. If you wish, a telephone number can be added as well.

The Canadian developers did everything possible to make the service user-friendly for every person regardless of ethnicity, age, and views. Hence, Kik is an entirely legit platform that invites new members to evaluate the list of offered advantages.

The Canadian developers made it possible for every user to personalize the platform. Apart from design and interface settings, users are available to control their contacts. For instance, every registered member may block a person without any specific reason. When you’ve received a message with offensive content, abuses, or threats, call the customer support to report a member. The Kik team reacts instantly.

Members may turn off their visibility for friends through email or phone numbers to keep their anonymity. Such a possibility is especially useful when a person looks for some hook-ups or new experiences through the messenger.

Is The Kik Service High-Priced?

Kik is entirely free, as there are no premium membership plans. Users are not obliged to spend money and get access to the full scope of features at the same time. While speaking about exclusive sticker packages, their prices vary from $1 to $2 that is totally affordable for every person. Note that you don’t need to pay regularly. Every sticker package is a one-time purchase.

As for Kin coins, there are some ways to earn those tokens. For instance, a person obtains 40 KIN for watching a 30-seconds video. Your account will be refilled by 21 KIN for taking a quiz, etc. It is easy to earn virtual money on this user-friendly platform.

How Can Kik Users Communicate With Other Members?

When you need to start communication with other members, the following features are available:

  • Search friends.

A person may start searching for people by their usernames or phone numbers. Note that you may inscribe any screen name to communicate with a random person. Such a method is useful for making new friends globally.

  • Scan a Kik code.

If your friend has sent you a Kik code, scan it to connect and start communication. A Kik code is somehow analogous to QRs but used within the Kik ecosystem only.

  • Create a community.

Wish to discuss some exciting topics? Or need to invite friends? Create a community and invite certain members to join it within the Kik messenger.

  • Public communities.

There are so many topics to discuss. Join public communities and participate in discussions (pokemon, football, music, and hundreds of other topics are accessible). The only requirement lies in the necessity to follow the platform rules.

  • Chatbots.

The Kik reviews accentuate the messenger makes it impossible to feel lonely. Discover bots and have fun communicating with virtual friends.

Aside from the listed communication options, a user is accessible to meet new people globally. The system selects random people for you. If you don’t like the conversation, just end a chat and start looking for other people.

How To Contact The Customer Support

How To Contact The Customer Support?

When you face some problems, there are several ways to solve them. Enter your account and ask your question to the Kik team. The specialists are about to give detailed answers as quickly as possible. According to Kik reviews, 80% of issues are solved within an hour that is much quicker in comparison with competitive services.

Foremost, a person can:

  • send an email to support@kik.com (general questions) or safety@kik.com (questions related to safety and security on the platform);
  • visit the Kik office – 1237 7th Street Santa Monica, CA 90401;
  • follow the official page of the messenger in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).


Kik messenger is the best way to make new friends all over the world. Such a platform invites people from all ethnicities, ages (12+), and sexual preferences. The number of supporters is gradually increasing, as the platform is regarded as entirely free. Numerous exciting and unique features are available. The messenger is equipped with an inbuilt web browser.

Users highlight many cons of this app that is quick, user-friendly, and convenient with all mobile devices. The messenger is useful for everyone, no matter the goal: friendship, dating, or just looking for a topic to share interests and find out something new. The Kik reviews convince new entries to join the community and have fun.

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