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MeetMe Review: Online Dating with a twist

MeetMe Review: Online Dating with a twist
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Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 869 000
Reply Rate 83%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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The platform traces its history way back to 2005 when siblings Catherine and David Cook explored the digital yearbook. In 2012, the yearbook was renamed as what we called today MeetMe website. What differentiates it from a social media website is its ability to interact with new people. Hence, it is often known as the hybrid of dating cum social media platforms. Here, users can interact via chat, discussions, and video streams.

Outdated yet Simple Design & Usability

Outdated yet Simple Design & Usability

The website has an outdated yet straightforward design with blends of white and Fuchsia to make the website look more presentable. The login or register options are available at the right-most corner of the homepage. The homepage image will provoke you to download the app version for the same, as the founders clearly understand the mobile-first strategy. It is a crisp website, and the first look will give you the impression of any social media platform. To explore the features within the website, you need to sign in and make your profile. You can go to FAQs or read MeetMe Review to ensure you want to be a part of the website userbase. Once you log in, you can explore the different features like exploring people, video streaming, chatting with other members, and so on. The website is quite dynamic and keeps on updating when other members share their photographs or updates. The website also offers search and filter options. Free basic search is based on age, if online, orientation, you can use advanced filters like tags, relationship status, and other keywords mentioned in their profile. As a paid member, you can sort the search results based on the distance from your location. It gives you the flexibility to meet in person with the person who is within your vicinity and have a good time with them.

The website also allows users to share their experience with MeetMe. In the footer, you can see the option of suggestions and can add your feedback there.

User-Base Quality

The userbase of the MeetMe website is from all ethnicities and diversified. Given most of its features are free to use, it is a popular online dating website for the youth of age 20-35years. Interestingly, male to female ratio is low, unlike many dating websites where males are more active. The users love to engage in conversations and comment upon forums to create a friendly environment where it is easy to interact and find the right match. Since the website is one of the oldest in the dating market, it has accumulated many users over the years. It has one of the most vibrant and diversified userbases amid dating platforms. That is why all users have many options and a good chance of finding the right match or people to interact with. It boasts of having almost 100 million users across the globe, a where-in large part of the userbase comes from the US.

The user profile is not very descriptive. MeetMe Reviews suggests that the quality of user-profiles is of concern, as they don’t get to know much about the users in advance and have just basic info like name, age, location, relationship status, sexual preference, gender, and religion. The Biography field, which is a free text area, is hardly completed by the members. Unfortunately, there is no background check of the profiles, and users can restrict their profiles to be seen by friends-only.

Unique Salient Features

Unique Salient Features

MeetMe is popular amongst folks due to its salient features. The team has been efficient enough to add new features to keep the interest level of its users intact within the website and its apps. Like all other websites, the team keeps adding some unique features based on market trends to attract users. Here is a list of some of those features which are liked by all:

Secret Admirer

To make the platform more engaging, Secret admirer is another tool introduced by the MeetMe. It is a game, which users often play to explore their secret admirers. The way these works is the app notifies you, saying you have a secret admirer by sharing pictures of different users, and the onus is on you to guess the same. It is an excellent opportunity for you to find the potential match or the person compatible with you, which you can explore after video calls and general chatting.


You like someone and don’t know what to do next. It is here; questions features come to your rescue. All you need is to ask the user a simple fundamental question, and if they are responsive to your question, you can safely assume that they are interested. What is unique here is the anonymity that MeetMe maintains while sharing your question. Once the user responds to the question, your identity will be revealed so that you both can further take the conversation forward.


Quickpick is a recently launched feature where-in as a user, you can simply browse through the different profiles merely by a tap.

MeetMe Live

One of the most loved features in MeetMe Reviews is its Live functionality. Using this, users can go live publicly like any social media platform. And the users watching these videos can gift them diamonds as a gesture to appreciate them. Also, this feature has been extended to private video streaming as well.

Free Mobile App

Most of the online dating is going Mobile-first these days, and this is why MeetMe is also available on both iOS and android. The apps are freely available to download on the App Store, Google store, or even windows store. It has all the features that are on the website, along with a few extras as well. From a usability perspective, the app is simple and intuitive to browse. The crisp and straightforward design keeps it in the good books of users, and they can catch up on all the conversations, messaging while on the go with a simple tap. Even if you are new to online dating, the simple interface makes your life easy. The mobile app also pulls off your current location and personalize your local feed with the profiles near you.

Simple registration process

Simple registration process

To attract more user base, the registration process has been kept relatively simple. One can easily register via Facebook, as well. In case you wish to create an account, it takes only 1-2 minutes to complete the registration form, which primarily asks for your basic demographic profile like name, age, religion, orientation, etc. They often use this data to show you the relevant accounts. The advantage of this short and sweet registration is user convenience, but as the Meetme website doesn’t ask for more details like dislikes and interests, you don’t know much about the other person. It is that people fill their profile information during the sign-up honestly to find better matches. Information like recommended and suggested to fill up the details with complete straight to improve your dating experience.

As you sign up, you are given the option for photo upload, and the website lets you follow the people of your location. If you upgrade your subscription, you can decorate your profile with customized themes rated positively by its subscribed users.

Subscription Model

MeetMe website and app are free to access, and users can communicate with each other by merely signing up. One of the downsides of using this website /app for free is the ads that often irritate the users. Once you upgrade your services, you become part of MeetMe+ and have access to a credit system, which is also a virtual currency. 1-month subscription costs 6.99USD/month, where-as if you go for a bulk subscription, say for six months, the price reduces to 4.17USD/month.

You can also buy credits by paying 4.99 USD for 250 credits, and these can be used to boost your profile or to purchase diamonds. Diamonds is again a way to incentivize.

Payment can be made via Paypal or credit card.

Features available for free

Some of the essential functions of any dating website are registering, making a profile, and messaging. You can do all that free of cost on this website.

Communication with other members is entirely free, with no upper limit. You can freely communicate with the users you like and chat with them. However, app owners closely monitor the content for nudity and censor the same. Your matches are searchable in essential free services.

Not only chatting as part of free service, but you can also use MeetMe live service and can go live on your profile, which is viewable by all the users. It is their most likable feature and has earned a hugely positive response. In fact, as a video streamer, you can participate in video battles. As part of this, two streamers will go live side by side, and the winner would be decided by the number of diamonds he/she earns during the battle. These video battles are timed and very popular.

You can also mark any profile as your favorite, and in case your profile is marked favorite by the same person, you earn a gold star.

Paid Services

There is a famous saying, nothing comes for free, and like all online dating websites, you have access to some extra features as you subscribe to paid service.

  • Ads Removal: Random advertisements that you see in the free version both in the app and website are taken care of in paid services.
  • Access to All Pictures: Paid service also gives you access to all the pictures. Not only this, but you also get to know who has viewed your photos and which pictures.
  • Credits: Paid Feature gives you credits to buy virtual gifts and bringing your profile to the top.
  • Search filters are more detailed in paid services.
  • As a paid user, your messages are at the top of the users’ inbox.
  • Profile themes are available to you as an esteemed paid subscribed user.
  • Anonymous Browsing is another advantage mentioned in the MeetMe Review.

Last but not least. Premium memberships renew automatically, but a user can cancel them anytime.

User’s reaction about MeetMe

Overall, sentiments of the people after using Meetme are mixed. At the same time, some of them don’t like the numerous advertisements, although you can get rid of them after paying nominal charges, while others appreciate its hybrid model. Most reviews suggest it to be a platform to communicate freely, but often fear looms in users’ minds due to the lack of authenticity of users’ profiles.

Is MeetMe a real dating website?

It is more than a social media platform but less than a simple online dating website. It is meant for people who are looking for entertaining themselves with some great buddies. With its vast user base, it has earned a lot of trust from its users. Not only this, but the team behind MeetMe is also always working hard to ensure they give the best to its users and establish a good rapport with their users. As soon as they get to know about anything fishy, they usually ban those profiles. However, the background check of profiles is not done, and hence it is recommended to make intuitive decisions while interacting on the website. It is safe and easy to use. If you are merely looking for a fling, add that to your expectations so that you find the right match. In case you see any suspicious user profile, please feel free to mark it spam. The platform has a zero-tolerance policy for such incidents and doesn’t encourage any kind of spam users or users with pervert intentions.

Affordability of MeetMe?

MeetMe is not as expensive as compared to its counterpart dating website. Instead, it is reasonably affordable, and most of its features are free to use. Matchmaking is almost free on this website. But if you want access to special features like credits, quick feature, and video streaming privately, you need to pay a small amount, which can be paid either via credit card or Paypal. Based on your preference, you can opt for any package ranging from 1month to 6 months.

And if you are not satisfied with the services, you can always cancel the premium membership and go back to using the standard account. The only thing is that payment is non-refundable, and it is better to cancel the subscription a day before renewal. That way, you can take the most benefit of your membership. The subscription is on an auto-renewal basis, so keep an eye on the month when it will get renewed and take the next steps accordingly. MeetMe Review states that users found their match by using paid services, and then they discontinued the premium membership.

Free Communication Features available on MeetMe?

Free Communication Features available on MeetMe?

As Meetme was founded with the primary aim of making communication and interaction amongst people easy, it truly lives up to the expectations of the users. Here is the most used communication method.

Unlimited Chat: You can send a text message privately to any profile and start indulging with them in pleasant conversations.

Video Call: If you both want to explore each other more nothing can beat video calling. All you need to do is a simple click on the camera. However, the website has kept a small condition before you start into video conversation with anyone. You both must have been responsive over text messages for at least once before starting a video call, else the icon will stay disabled.

Engagement on Photos: Like any other social media platform, you can view the profiles, engage with their pictures by liking or commenting on them, and show your love interest to the user.

Ask Me: It is one of the unique features of the MeetMe Website, where-in you can anonymously send questions to the profile you are interested in, and once they are answered, your identity is revealed. It keeps the interaction and privacy of users safe.

Not only this, since the Unique selling feature of this platform is MeetMelive and public video feeds, but it also lets its users appreciate and engage with the video owners in several ways. Few of them are virtual gifts, which are animated gifs. However, as a user, you need to buy these virtual gifts by credits, which is the virtual currency for the platform. If you are watching the live stream, you can even share your emotions in the form of comments, messages on the stream itself, which everyone views.

Click on the “Me” icon and explore more communication features. One of them is discussion forums, where you can discuss anything and everything. Not only this, but these discussions can also be filtered based on gender and location. Make sure you keep your notifications on so that you keep receiving updates around your feed, comments, and other activities of your interest. After all, you don’t want to miss any single item that could help you meet your prospective match.

Method to reach out Support Team

Method to reach out Support Team

MeetMe has a dedicated help center for helping with customer queries and grievances. If you are stuck or have problems like forgot password, etc., you can drop a note at support@meetme.com. The team also shares detailed information about reporting the bug. They feel with the right available information like platform details, screenshots, bug resolution would be quicker. The support team is usually prompt with their solutions and have fixed turnaround time depending on the problems. The MeetMe Website has an exhaustive FAQ page, where you can find a resolution to your issues from account verification to profile creation to how to chat or video stream. This page is well thought and well-designed by the team. One can search the requisite articles in the section using the search bar.

Platform for meaningful connections

A dating cum social platform with a vast subscriber base and features which are free to use. If you are looking for a platform to discover meaningful connections and exploring someone via constant chatting, video interactions, and message threads, then the MeetMe website is a platform for folks like you. It might come with some caveats and constraints as chatting is free, but the onus is on you to filter them and enjoy its perks.

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