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Mocospace Review: tariffs, strong points, unique features

Mocospace Review: tariffs, strong points, unique features
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Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 18-40
Profiles 983 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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The Mocospace website and applications are a mix of a social network and dating service, uniting people worldwide. The platform commenced its existence in 2005, being primarily oriented to on-the-go members. The community is rising dynamically, while Mocospace is included in the top-100 most visited dating services globally. Furthermore, the platform is among the 1000 most popular US websites. The company owning this website established offices in the USA and Israel.

The service fulfills diverse purposes. Some users just need a convenient community to make new friends and have fun. Others expect to find their special someone for a one-night stand or even long-term relationships.

Key strong and weak points

Key strong and weak points

The Mocospace users accentuate on the following prominent advantages of this service:

  1. Newcomers don’t face the complex registration process. Moreover, a person may get an account through a Facebook profile.
  2. Subscribers are obliged to confirm their email addresses; otherwise, they get no access to chatrooms.
  3. Standard account owners cannot say the service functionality is somehow restricted for them.
  4. As for premium subscriptions, prices are affordable.
  5. Such a platform is available throughout the world. There are no restrictions concerned with ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.
  6. There are many unique features, opening a broad scope of opportunities for registered members.
  7. The service is available for both PC and mobile users.

Meanwhile, some cons are pointed out by the members, as well. Users distinguish the following negative sides:

  • The number of scammers is rather high due to the straightforward and quick registration process.
  • Standard members have to watch rather irritating video ads.
  • There is a significant shift towards some countries from the viewpoint of users’ geographic distribution; hence, it is hard to find people out of those countries.
The web version interface and basic functions

The web version interface and basic functions

The Mocospace website is designed in dark tones. Black and grey colors are dominating. Although developers prefer the dark mode, the design is not looking pessimistic. White text and some bright pictures create a perfect contrast. Fonts and icons are well distinguished; hence, a person may find necessary features within seconds.

The functionality is convenient, as all options are always at fingertips. There is an upper menu containing diverse features:

  1. Home. Quit all features and return to your profile page.
  2. Meet People. Use search filters or a matching-roulette mode to find new persons.
  3. Street Wars. Play an exciting game with other members and prove you are the strongest.
  4. FriendShop.Try yourself in a somehow strange game where a player can buy or sell friends.
  5. Messages. View your messaging history and respond to inbox messages timely.
  6. Chat. Start a chat with the chosen person.
  7. Groups. Create a new group or discover the existing ones.
  8. Chatrooms. Find interesting chatrooms to join.
  9. Match Me. Find out persons you have mutual interests with.
  10. Forums. Create a new topic or discuss the ones corresponding to your interests.

Such a scope of features is rather large so that every person could find something special to spend time in a pleasant manner. Make new exciting acquaintances or seek love on that convenient and functional platform.

Registered users

According to Mocospace reviews, the platform has already attracted more than 100 million users, and the community continues to be on the rise. Male profiles outnumber the service, while the registered women are 44%. As for the age differentiation, persons of 18+ are accessible to get an account. The statistics show persons from 25 to 35 years are the platform’s target audience (37.9% of the whole community). Such a shift is explained by the fact the platform serves as a social network as well.

There are no limitations linked to sexual preferences, views, and ethnicities. The Hispanic race dominates on the platform – 38% of all registered members belong to that ethnicity. The part of African-American is 35% (the second largest race), and about 22% of users are of Caucasian appearance.

As for the geographic distribution, almost 95% of the whole community represents just five countries: the USA (85.36%), Canada (3.66%), India (2.32%), Great Britain (1.84%), and Israel (1.80%). The statistics show that such a platform becomes useless in most countries, as it is hard to find people corresponding to your interests.

The list of unique options

The list of unique options

A Mocospace review highlights the platform is equipped with a broad scope of exclusive features:

  1. Badges:

The service developers worked out a system of motivating badges to make registered users more active. For instance, there is a unique badge for those who have uploaded a photo. Foremost, users obtain badges for staying logged in for 5, 10, or 30 days.

  1. Inbuilt games:

What about a dating website that is combined with exciting online games? Such a combination sounds pretty good. There are two exciting games available for registered users. Participate in street wars and show your opponents who is the boss, or play the role of a trader, buying and selling… your friends. Yeah, the game offers to trade friends and get virtual profits. Persons looking for much fun have undoubtedly found the right place.

  1. Groups and Forums:

Our hobbies and interests are among the most powerful life energy sources; hence, we need to share them, and forums or groups match this goal the best. Find related topics and groups or create new ones.

  1. Notifications at your fingertips:

Are you afraid of missing something important? Mocospace made everything possible to exclude such a risk. A user’s homepage displays all notifications. Follow your friends’ news and events to keep an eye on all important changes.

Available applications for mobile devices

The Mocospace website is not the only possibility to join the community. Such a platform is available for mobile devices as well. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Download the application and stay online wherever you go.

The Android-oriented application is available for devices based on the 4.4 version of the system or later. The app requires 11.8 MB of free storage space. The number of downloads has already exceeded 10 million – users rate such an application at 4.1. The ranking shows the highest usability of the platform.

The iOS-oriented application is accessible for devices run by at least the 9.0 version of the system. Download the Mocospace app to your iPhones, iPods, or iPads. The service requires 54.3 MB of free storage space. Registered members are available to switch the language between English and Spanish languages. The iOS-based applications are rated at 4.1 stars, as well.

Note that owners of Android devices only are accessible to purchase the premium subscription. The applications’ functionality is a little restricted compared to the web version, while the design is smooth and relaxing.

How to get a Mocospace account?

How to get a Mocospace account?

The registration process requires the following steps:

  • Create your username. Make it creative and informative.
  • Create a password to enter your account.
  • Inscribe your email address.
  • Specify a phone area code to make it simple to find people nearby.
  • Select your date of birth (18+ persons may join the community).
  • Choose your gender (besides male and female, there are agenders, trans, neutrois, and more than 30 other options).
  • Agree with ‘Terms and Conditions’.
  • Press on the ‘Sign Up’

The system requires a person to upload a thumbnail photo. There is no photo validation; hence, some users prefer to upload pictures of celebrities. Those are mostly scammers, and a person needs to be careful. Update your status to create a brief description of yourself.

Besides, a subscriber is accessible to add some more information optionally:

  • People may add their real names.
  • Specify your location by adding a country, city, state, and zip code.
  • Select your ethnicity.
  • Choose who you are looking for (networking, friendship, or serious relationships).
  • Tell whether you are in relationships (married, divorced, etc.).
  • Specify your sexual orientation.
  • Select your education level.

Not that all given information can be edited further. Fully completed profiles catch more attention, as users understand you better.

Premium membership packages

Premium membership packages

Standard accounts provide members with a wide scope of features, while the premium subscriptions are available, as well. The two packages are suggested: a VIP account or a gold subscription. Prices are affordable enough:

Premium membership packages Price for one month (one credit) Total price
1-month VIP membership $7.99 $7.99
3-months VIP membership $6.99 $20.97
6-months VIP membership $5.99 $35.94
500 gold credits $0.01 $4.99
1 250 gold credits $0.008 $9.99
12 Months 15.00 USD / Month 180.00 USD
2 750 gold credits $0.0072 $19.99
5 075 gold credits $0.0068 $34.99
7 500 gold credits $0.006 $44.99
15 500 gold credits $0.005 $77.49

Note that gold credits are considered a king of a virtual currency used within the Mocospace ecosystem only. The currency cannot be withdrawn, exchanged, etc. Furthermore, users may earn gold credits for completing some tasks. Newcomers are available to purchase 500 gold credits for just $1.00. That is a one-time offer.

A person may purchase the premium membership or gold credits with the help of banking cards. PayPal wallets are accessible to complete the purchase, as well. The upgrade algorithm is straightforward:

  1. Log in for your account.
  2. Click on the ‘Moco Gold’ or ‘Become a VIP’ buttons.
  3. Choose the preferred package.
  4. Select the payment option.
  5. Insert the required information.
  6. Complete your purchase.

The auto-renewal option is implied (for a VIP membership package only). When a user wishes to cease the premium membership, they need to cancel auto-renewal within settings.

Standards features

Standards features

The following scope of options is provided with a default account:

  • to complete your profile;
  • to activate basic search filters;
  • to view full profile information and full-size photos uploaded by other members;
  • to send and receive messages;
  • to send a friend request;
  • to join a group;
  • to join a forum topic;
  • to create a new group or a new forum topic;
  • to play inbuilt games;
  • to undergo an account verification;

The mentioned list displays just some free features, while there are more options. According to Mocospace reviews, standard accounts don’t limit a person’s rights.

Premium features

Owners of VIP accounts are empowered with the following benefits:

  • View who has visited your profile.
  • Boost your profile to be top-rated. Such a feature helps users meet more new exciting people.
  • Activate advanced matching filters to make your search more precise.
  • A VIP account adds 50% more gold credits within every purchase.
  • VIP users browse the platform without advertisements. Many people appreciate this option the most.
  • The premium access grants members with pleasant in-game bonuses.

As for gold credits, those are spent on purchasing the in-built benefits. Such a virtual currency has entertainment value only.

An expert’s opinion

An expert’s opinion

Mocospace is a convenient and user-friendly service that fulfills different goals. A person may get an account easily – the registration process requires some necessary information only. Photo upload is mandatory. Profiles are detailed enough; hence, many fields are optional. The more informative your profiles are, the more attention you are about to catch.

Such a platform combines the features of a dating service and a social network, and that is much convenient. You are enabled to use the service to make new friends only or find your special someone. People can specify their goals within the profile information.

The interface is diverse and understandable so that you could save your time browsing the service. The homepage displays all important notification. You may view who’s upgraded status, joined a game, or added new photos. Furthermore, you may like your friends’ updates in one click. The system notifies you about upcoming birthdays.

A large number of groups and forums truly impresses. For instance, you select a category (arts, literature, music, vehicles, and more) and join a certain topic to partake in a discussion. That is easy to find a topic corresponding to your interests. If there is no, create a new one to discuss whatever you want.

Well, there are some scam profiles, but a person may communicate with verified people only to protect himself from catfishes. Regardless of some cons, the Mocospace website and applications catch the attention and impress a user at first sight.

Is Mocospace a legit service?

The Mocospace reviews show that such a platform is entirely legit. The platform team makes enough effort to grant subscribers with comfortable and safe features. The service requires some personal information and uses cookies to offer targeted features that fully correspond to your interests.

A new entry needs to read the ‘Privacy Policy’ postulates first. Those postulates are considered a ground the platform functionality is based on. Meanwhile, subscribers may change some privacy settings:

  1. Select who is accessible to view your profile information (all members or friends only).
  2. Specify who is able to send you messages (all users, friends, or nobody).
  3. Tackle the box to allow verified people only to send you friend requests.
  4. Allow or prohibit your uploaded photos from being shared and favorited.
  5. Specify who can view your photos (everyone, friends, or no one).
  6. Ask the platform not to sell or share your personal information.

Thus, a person is empowered to select the appropriate privacy level and make their data safe enough. Note that such a service makes no publications within your social network pages when you use a Facebook account to complete registration.

Mocospace forbids abuses, offensive comments, and nudity. When a person faces some problems concerned with a platform rules violation, the team is ready to react instantly, suspending, and banning those profiles. Aside from reporting, members may block a person. No specific reason is required for this step.

A person validated the email address only while completing the registration. Meanwhile, you may undergo more robust verification to prove you are real. Call the Moco team or send a text message to the given phone number. Verified members get special badges.

Is Mocospace platform high-priced?

The prices for a VIP account are totally affordable in comparison with competitive platforms. Foremost, users are not obliged to purchase the premium membership, as the list of standard features is diverse enough. Meanwhile, on-the-go members prefer to purchase a VIP status to get rid of irritating ads.

As for gold credits, those are not expensive, as well. A person obtains an opportunity to earn those credits in exchange for the completed task. Such a system is rather motivating. Hence, subscribers are affordable to use the service entirely for free.

How can a user initiate contact on Mocospace?

The service offers two searching modes: traditional and matching-roulette. The traditional searching option makes it possible to find persons corresponding to certain criteria. A broad scope of filters is accessible.

Standard users are available to activate age and gender filters. Foremost, you may specify the preferred location to search people nearby. When you know a person’s user name, phone number, or email address, inscribe it into an appropriate search field. Premium accounts get access to more filters like ethnicity, dating purpose, and relationship status.

The matching-roulette mode is a perfect way for on-the-go users having no enough time. The system displays persons randomly. A user decides whether to like or to swipe them. Meanwhile, the mode allows opening full profile information.

When a person kindles your interest, the following options are possible:

  • Send a friend request. Users are free to add other members to their list of friends.
  • Propose a relationship. When you wish to have something more than friendship, such a feature matches the best.
  • View a person in ‘Match Me’.
  • Send the ‘Street Wars’ favor.
  • Ask a person to buy you in the ‘Friend Shop’ game.
  • Share the love.

The number of features is rather diverse. Remember that you cannot send a message or comment on a user’s photos until he or she confirms your friend’s request. Since you are friends, send messages without any restrictions or limitations. Furthermore, a person may send gifts to other members, but the gifts are only accessible for gold credits. An average Mocospace review highlights the service is the best idea to make new acquaintances throughout the world.

Customer support contacts

The service team solves all existing problems within 24 hours to provide all members non-stop access to the platform. If you face any difficulties, there are several ways to contact customer support:

  1. Click on the ‘Help’ option placed in the footer to find the frequently asked questions.
  2. Send an email to support@mocospace.com.
  3. Call to 1-877-323-4815.
  4. Write a mail to JNJ Mobile Inc., 745 Atlantic Ave, Boston MA 02111.

Note that a VIP account provides an owner with premium access to customer support. That means all user’s problems are about to be solved within minutes.

Mocospace resume

The platform is useful and functional – such a fact is proved by the dynamically extended Moco community, which has already attracted more than 200 million users. Registered persons rate mobile applications at 4.1 stars that is a high ranking for a dating service. The web version offers even more diverse functionality.

On the one hand, the platform is available throughout the globe, but in fact, some five countries are represented by more than 95% of all uses. The service has no restrictions linked with gender and sexual orientations, ethnicities, and religions. The process of registration is quick and straightforward.

The functionality is truly diverse, combining the options of a social network and convenient dating service. Several search modes, multiple matching algorithms, interesting games, and many other features catch user’s attention. There are several ways of contact initiating, while the messaging feature is accessible in case a person confirms a friend request.

The reviews emphasize that the team pays much attention to privacy settings. Persons are available to set up diverse settings to keep their accounts safe. All necessary features are free, while there are premium membership plans to offer benefits. Mocospace is a legit and worth joining the platform.

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