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Plenty of Fish Review on 2022

Plenty of Fish Review on 2022
About Site
Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 78 000 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Superb matchmaking and a broad user base.
  • Plenty of free features for matchmaking.
  • Option for free personality assessment online, which can help you find a match.
  • It is gender inclusive and also has options for transsexuals and homosexuals and is most appreciable feature of Plenty of Fish website.
  • If inactive for a long time, it will automatically sign out.
  • Not many options for those looking for casual dates or hookups.
  • The number of male members outnumbers female members.

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Plenty of Fish, also known as POF, is one of the best dating sites founded in 2003. It is a dating site with Plenty of fish since it has been around for a long time. With a strong user base, it is also one of the most popular Transsexual dating sites.

Attractive Website With Simple Design & Usability

Plenty of Fish has a simple and attractive website with blends of white and sea green to make the website look more presentable. The login or register options are available right at the homepage. As you scroll down, you will see more details about the website’s free features and what matchmaking on the website entails. As soon as you have registered, you will see many options inside the website, including search options, messaging options, and getting matches. You can go on the forums to get an idea of the community on the platform and add your comments. The website is quite dynamic and keeps on updating when other members share their photographs or updates.

The website has marked options for accessing the website for specific countries and specific languages. For more information, one can smoothly check out the privacy terms, blog, or help center. The website has a user-friendly interface, and the logo is also equally attractive. It shows a fish with the same colors as are used on the website. It is very pleasing to look at and isn’t like those shady platforms which look like hookup sites.

Plenty of Fish Attractive Website With Simple Design & Usability

Profiles Of Users

Plenty of Fish reviews show that the matchmaking site is also popular among transsexuals and heterosexuals, and homosexuals. Hence, it is also famous as a transsexual dating site. Most of the users on the website are between the age group of 25-34. There are more males on the site as compared to females, but it has a huge subscriber base in the USA and other countries. The users love to engage in conversations and comment upon forums to create a friendly environment where it is easy to interact and find the right match. Since the website is one of the oldest in the dating market, it has accumulated many users over the years. It has one of the most vibrant and diversified userbases amid dating platforms. That is why all users have many options and a good chance of finding the right match.

Members in Plenty of Fish have a detailed profile, which gives you a lot of information about the other person. The website doesn’t tolerate sexual language in the profile, but one can add an exciting catch phrase to attract other users. Premium members have another option of watching the extended profiles of other members. The profiles inform a person what kind of relationship another member is looking for, whether it is casual or serious. You can look out for similar interests and also prepare ice-breakers just from the profile. In the extended profile, you can further find personal details about their family members and siblings to grasp their family environment. The profile also shows the length of their last relationship so you can see them as a potential partner. These details will be found in every profile on the website since they are mandatory during registration. Face filters on profile pictures are not allowed to make sure that you get what you see, and there is no fraud done with anyone.

Plenty of Fish Profiles Of Users

Amazing Special Features

Plenty of Fish is one of the dating sites that has been around for a long time. Over the years, they have added many new features to suit the members’ current needs and make the website safe, easy to use, and effective in matchmaking.

Chemistry Predictor

It is a feature unique to this particular dating site, and it allows users to take online assessment tests considering chemistry, needs, and other factors. Once a user takes these tests, the website uses the data to find perfect matches. The tests are simple and easy to take since you just need to click on an answer, and the test includes 30-100 questions.

Top Prospects

Plenty of Fish website arranges the list of the people you have talked to in the past month based on your compatibility with them.

Automated Matchmaking

To ensure that user privacy is not hampered at any stage, all the work of matchmaking is done automatically by the algorithm. The personal data of users is not analyzed manually, and so the decision-making is also automated.


It is the most important feature on the Plenty of Fish website because, through Ultramatch, you find the perfect match for you.


Nearby is a ‘search and find’ option based on location, and it ranks other members on the website according to their proximity to the place you are available. It is a great search option for those looking to date someone in their vicinity without making too much effort to cross long distances.

Meet Me

Meet me is slightly different from nearby since it is specific for the local members looking to meet in real life so that the conversation’s goal is clear to the user. If you click “yes” on the “meet me” option of a user, you will become a match and immediately start talking.

Super Yes

It is a unique feature that can be found under the “Meet Me” option, and it enables a user to understand how much a member is into them. It does increase the chances of potential matches and helps differentiate the people you are merely considering and the ones you seriously like. Users in the Plenty of Fish reviews have appreciated this feature.

Send Priority Message

It is an excellent feature for premium members. You can turn the option on and get prioritized in the inbox of the user you like. Your messages to them will always be shown on top.


Tokens can be used to increase the visibility of your profile. You can use tokens to become “Today’s catch” where your profile will be highlighted or use them for encashing other special features on the Plenty of Fish website.

Plenty of Fish Amazing Special Features

Free Mobile App

Even though the website design is pretty good, but users have found it more comfortable to access this dating site through the mobile application. The mobile app has all the features on the website, but it is more user-friendly. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store, Google store, or even windows store. It is compatible with all devices and demands access to your location services for finding matches near you. The app is convenient and shows all menu options for easy understanding even by someone who has never used dating apps before.

The app sends notifications when you find a match or get a message, which means that you won’t miss out on anything. Love waits for no one, so it is better to use dating apps instead of websites to access them anywhere easily. Messaging is also much easier using the mobile app. This way, you can catch up on conversations during free time while commuting, on lunch breaks, and make sure that you’re not wasting time but making productive use of it. For users, Plenty of Fish app is a better choice than the website. The interface of the app is just like other social media applications. There are distinct icons that show where you need to click to send a message or upload a photo. All the options are marked, so even a non-specialist can use them.

Long Registration For Authentic Profiles

Usually, dating websites have a straightforward and hassle-free registration process, but that makes it easier for fraudsters to create a fake profile. This dating website has a profile questionnaire that you need to fill while registering. You will be asked questions about your gender, preferred language, ambition, type of relationship you want to have, and many others to make sure that the profile is genuine. There is no way of skipping this process since POF does not allow anyone to log in using other social media platforms. But after registering, you can link your Facebook or Instagram account to upload pictures.

During the registration, users are also asked to undergo a test to determine their compatibility rate. The sign-up is completely free and would take nearly 15-20 minutes for completion. It is suggested that people fill their profile information during the sign-up honestly to find better matches. Information like details about family background, financial position, sexual orientation, and other things helps to develop a personality for the algorithm to analyze later.

Plenty of Fish Long Registration For Authentic Profiles

Price And Free Options

Plenty of Fish website is free to access, and one can sign up without spending a single penny. But for a premium membership, there are different packages. For available options like messaging, matchmaking, and uploading photos, even the free account provides many facilities. But if you are more serious about finding a partner, you can buy premium membership or tokens — the price of tokens on the website range between USD 1.99 USD 16.90. For one token, the cost will be USD 1.99, for 5, it’ll cost USD 8.95, and for 10, the price will be USD 16.90. These tokens are non-refundable and have an expiry date.

Plenty of Fish Price And Free Options

Free Options

Some of the essential functions of any dating website are registering, making a profile, and messaging. You can do all that free of cost on this website.

Communication with other members is entirely free, with no upper limit. Along with texts, you can also send audio messages or images to one another. But the website does monitor content for nudity, and pornographic images are not allowed.

Free search options: You can search for other members based on location or likes and dislikes. You can also see online members, so you don’t need to wait for hours just for a response.

Take compatibility tests: Online compatibility tests are another free feature on the website, which can help find great matches for you. The dating platform also finds an instant match for you, even if you don’t have a premium account.

Favorites: You can make a list of the people you like and add members to the favorites list. It will help you keep track of the options available and make choosing between them more manageable.

Plenty of Fish Free Options

There are some unique features on Plenty of Fish which are only available for the premium members. One needs to buy tokens to be able to avail of these features. The first important feature worth mentioning is the “Meet Me” feature, which allows one to find out the members who are available locally and are willing to meet up. Under the meet me option, you also have a feature called Super Yes.

Extended profile: To watch another user’s complete profile with detailed information, you need a premium membership.

Communication: Premium members also get benefits in interacting with other users. They can know whether the messages they have sent have been seen and can also put their notes on top of the inbox of their match using tokens.

With paid services, you can know whether someone has seen your profile. You can get your profile highlighted in search results, and you can also send three gifts to other users per day. The best part is that you will be able to use the ad-free version of the app. Premium memberships renew automatically, but a user can cancel them anytime.

What Users Have To Say

“A friend had shared details about POF with me after he matched with a girl, and they became a couple. I had already tried various dating apps like Tinder, but it turned out to be more of a hookup app or a place where members rarely wanted to chat. That is why I tried out Plenty of Fish. I was interested in a serious relationship. I was apprehensive that this would turn out to be another hookup app, but surprisingly, I found many men in their 20s and 30s looking for a life partner. I have matched with five people so far and gone on an actual date with two of them. They were both fun and amazing. Now I’m just hoping one of them is the one I have been looking for in my life. But the experience of using this app has been good.”

-Emily, Teacher, 25

Plenty of Fish What Users Have To Say

Is Plenty of Fish A Real Dating Website?

POF is more than a casual hookup app. It is meant for people looking for relationships. That is why highly sexual language and nudity can even get profiles banned. It has a variety of options available, so you can match with people you are compatible with and have a real shot at happiness. It is safe and easy to use. Plenty of Fish review shows that there have been little to no complaints of fraudsters and scammers using this platform. Most of the members try creating a safe and friendly environment. You can browse, search, and end up finding the love of your life on this app. Users can want different things, and those needs can evolve. That is why there are options for updating your profile as well. You can upload up to 8 pictures on your profile if you have a standard free account and 16 images if you have a premium account.

Even if you are not looking for any commitment, you can still find the kind of love you are looking for when deciding to join this platform. Like dedicated Transsexual dating apps, this app also asks you about your sexuality and about your sexual orientation to find you the right matches. Also, if you are not looking for anything serious, just mentioning it will help the algorithm find people who have the same kind of expectations.

What Is The Price Of Using Plenty of Fish?

POF is quite affordable. If you do not wish to spend a single penny out of your pocket, you can still use Plenty of Fish website to register and find matches. Registration and basic features like messaging and matching are free on the dating platform. But if you want access to special features, then you need to pay a small amount. You can pay it yearly or for three months at a time. You must pay in advance for the yearly package, and then it will cost you around $5.95 per month. But if you choose to pay for three months, it will cost approximately $9.80 per month. Given the features you get at the price, the amount isn’t much.

And if you are not satisfied with the services, you can always cancel the premium membership and go back to using the standard account. The only thing is that payment is non-refundable, and it is better to cancel the subscription a day before renewal. That way, you can take the most benefit of your membership. The subscription is on an auto-renewal basis, so keep an eye on the month when it will get renewed.

How Does Free Interactions Work On Plenty of Fish?

The only way to communicate with other members on the dating platform is to match them. Then, you will be able to send them messages for free. Along with simple text messages, a member can also send a voice message. Generally, on dating platforms, one cannot hear the voice of another person unless they exchange phone numbers or meet in real life. But on POF, you can send audio messages free of cost and get to hear what type of voice the person you like has. You can also send photographs of yourself, though this is limited to females only. No one can share any nude picture or any vulgar or obscene image on this platform. That is to ensure the safety of the users and to avoid anyone getting blackmailed or scammed.

Suppose you are a premium member, that gives you additional features to communicate. You can send three gifts per day to the users you like and become prioritized in their inbox. If you turn on ‘Send Priority Message,’ your message will show on top in their inbox. It will give you an edge over other users.

Dedicated And Committed Help Centre

Plenty of Fish website has a dedicated help center for helping with customer queries and grievances. It has an FAQ section where you can check what problems others face on the website and how you can resolve that. You can learn about subscriptions, privacy, safety settings, and much more in the help center. It also has a blog for creating an understanding of the platform and online dating rules so that everyone follows the standard guidelines. In case of grievances, reach out to customer support. You can call at POF Customer Service number 1877-578-9345 and share your grievances.

Plenty of Fish Dedicated And Committed Help Centre

Wrap Up

Plenty of Fish is a dating platform with a vast subscriber base, so Plenty of fish is in this sea. You need not settle for someone you aren’t on equitable terms. Find the most compatible person and enjoy talking to and then go ahead and meet them. Whether you want a casual relationship, a serious commitment, or marriage, it does not matter where you live or what ethnicity you belong to; you will find the right person here. What makes it better is that you don’t need to spend huge bucks to get noticed. With a lot of free options, you can spend quality time interacting with the members at Plenty of Fish, and end up finding the right one for you. So, go and get started.

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