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Tinder Review: The best Free dating app for you

Tinder Review: The best Free dating app for you
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Active Audience 54%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 2 767 000
Reply Rate 83%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Addictive, interacting, and easy to use.
  • Endless choices because of millions of users
  • Inclusive and open for LGBTQ+ members. It is highly appreciated in Tinder Reviews
  • Can connect with other apps like Snapchat or Spotify etc
  • Limited information about users
  • Have to swipe based on a photograph
  • Lots of users are just looking for hookups
  • No video chat option

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Tinder is the platform that helps you find eligible singles who are also looking for someone to date. It is entertaining, and with its endless members, there are endless choices for you to swipe right. Whether you ask a layman or the professionals in dating platforms, it is on everyone’s recommendation list. But is it the right app for you? Well, that depends on what you are looking for when you sign up. If you are okay with casual dating, you will find plenty of people with similar interests.

Eye-catching Website Design & Usability

Eye-catching Website Design & Usability

Tinder is more famous for its app, both for iOS and Android. But the platform also has a website version now, which is a bit less convenient than the app but has all the same features. The homepage shows you an option for registering, and signing up is a quick and easy process. The website design is attractive and meant to catch the eye of the newbies. The website shows the famous logo of Tinder on the top and has a bright pink design. You can check your matches as well as your messages on the website.

When you scroll down on the website, you will also see other options for checking out the blog, reading about the safety features, and changing the language according to your preference. The website was made on popular demand, but even today, the USP of Tinder is its mobile app, which has millions of downloads worldwide. If you already have a tinder account on your app, you can log in to the website using the same credentials.

User Profiles

Tinder website and the app is so famous that it has members worldwide. There is an enormous number of user-profiles, which gives one a lot of options to choose from available options. The data shows it has more male members than females, and most users are between the age group of 18-35. The dating platform has the highest fame in the U.S, but even in other countries, it does not lack popularity. While creating your profile, add at least 4-5 pictures so people know that it is not a fake profile. That is the easiest way to spot a scammer. A fake profile will only have one image and a small bio. Avoid using filters, and the more information you share, the more other members will be able to know you better. But Tinder is such a flexible platform that you can share as much or as little as you want.

There is also an option of linking your Instagram account or Spotify account to your profile, which gives authenticity to it and allows other members to assess your personality. There is also diversity in accounts since members can identify themselves as LGBTQ. It also deletes the profiles which are inactive for a long time.

Special Features

Special Features

Tinder has many special features that make matchmaking easy. But the best feature is in the desktop version, where if you turn on the “Work Mode,” the website will switch to one that will look like a Google doc page. It is to allow you to stay on Tinder even during work hours without getting caught. Some of the unique features are only available for premium members, but they are indeed worth it.

  • Super like

Super like is a way to stand out and show your appreciation for another member. Generally, for basic profiles, only one super like is allowed per day, but premium members can send more than one super like. It conveys the meaning that a member is unique, and their profile stands out from the rest.

  • Boost

A boost will let your profile be shown on top for half an hour to be visible to more people, and you will get a chance to have more matches. A boost is generally necessary only for people who are not finding suitable matches for a long time. It just gives you a shot at being more visible.

  • Super Boost

It is like getting your profile highlighted in the “Profile of the day” list. It will make sure that your profile is seen first by potential matches, especially during peak hours.

Swipe Around the World

Generally, on Tinder, you will get matches based on your location. So, if you are looking to find people in different places, the “Swipe around the world” feature will allow you to change the site to the one you prefer.

  • Rewind

If you accidentally swiped left on a profile that you liked, Rewind lets you correct your mistake and undo your swipe. Rewind is a premium feature, and if you only have a basic account, you won’t be able to undo your left swipe. That is why it is better to be more careful while swiping. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a potentially good match because of absent-mindedness.

  • Photo Verification

It is a feature that is only available in a few countries, and it asks users to pose for real-time selfies so the images could be matched with the pictures they uploaded on their profile. If the photos are a match, the profile will get a blue tick so that other members could see an authentic profile.

  • Swipe Night

This feature allows you to play a gamer by swiping left or right, and at the end of the game, users who choose similar situations will end up matching together. It keeps the dating game interesting.

  • Read Receipt

The read receipt feature is also popular on other social media platforms to check whether someone has read your message. But with Tinder, your match will not know whether you have turned on this feature, and therein lies the appeal.

Awesome mobile App

Awesome mobile App

More than the website, Tinder has its appeal because of the easy-to-use app. The little pink fire logo is so famous that almost anyone can tell you have the tinder app installed. The design is just like that of a social media platform with all options highlighted in the menu. It has a clean interface, and the feed keeps on getting updated. The swipe feature is convenient and straightforward to use.

Tinder Dating App is available for free download through the Apple store and Google play store. It is compatible with all devices, and it is best first to learn about all the features before trying them out, so you don’t end up wasting your freebies. You can choose to link your Snapchat and Instagram account in the app, add your anthem from Spotify, or just straight away start swiping. It is better to get suitable matches if you add your location correctly and set your preferences for age, sexual orientation, etc. You can easily edit your profile to add more information about yourself or choose to remain low profile and mention only some necessary details. The feel of tapping on someone’s pictures gives you an addictive kind of rush, which will make you keep on spending time using the app.

Quick sign-up process

Quick sign-up process

As far as dating apps are concerned, the Tinder website and app have the most effortless registration process. You can sign up using your mobile device or your desktop/laptop. It also gives you options to sign up using your Facebook account. If you use that option, all your information will be taken from Facebook, and you won’t have to go through adding each detail yourself. For users who use Facebook for sign-up, there is an option to change the name, age, and other information as well. You can also register using your email or mobile number. For doing so, you will be asked some necessary details like your name, age, gender, etc. For mobile registration, you will get an OTP on your mobile, and for email one, a link will be sent to it.

After verification, your login will be completed. Then, you can add your profile photo and add details about your preferences as well. But there is no long process of asking questions or verification. You will start getting different options, and you can start swiping. You won’t know whether someone has liked your profile unless you match with them for someone with a free account. You will also be asked whether Tinder can send you a notification if you register using the website.

Extra costs and paid features

You can download the app or register on the website completely free of cost if you want access to special features you will need to shell some money out of your pocket. The free account has a lot of general characteristics, which are enough if you simply want a hookup app or are trying out the dating platform for fun. But if you are more serious about finding a partner, then you might want to opt for the premium account. The benefits of both will be listed below.

Free Features

Free Features

Downloading the app from the App Store and play store is free, and even registration on Tinder will not cost you anything.

The app lets you find matches near your location, and this feature is available to all members at zero cost. Finding a match is the most crucial feature of any dating platform. And Tinder allows you to find endless members every day without charging you anything.

You can upload your photograph and Swipe Left on profiles all day without worrying about any extra costs. As a freebie, you also get One super like with your primary account. It can be used to show a user that their profile is different from the crowd.

You can edit your profile, change your details and bio, and perform essential chat functions without worrying about hidden costs. Texting on Tinder is also free of charge, so you can begin interacting with the people you have matched with immediately.

Generally, a user will not see if someone liked their profile unless they match with them after swiping right. But with a premium account, you can see which members like you. You also get an unlimited number of Right Swipes. It opens up you more chances to get matched with members with more right swipes. Some other paid features include Rewind, Location changer, and Top Picks.

Rewind allows you to undo your left swipe if you did it accidentally. Sometimes when your mind is engaged somewhere else, you accidentally swipe wrongly on someone’s profile even though you find these profiles interesting. It is where Rewind comes in. It lets you correct your mistakes.

The location changer lets you find matches from different locations worldwide. If you are traveling somewhere, you can change the location, and if you are interested in finding people from a specific part of the world, you can set that location with a premium profile. Users adorn this feature in their Tinder Review.

Top picks are of highlighted profiles, and it lists out users that are most compatible with you. With access to top picks, there are more chances of you getting matched with people you would be interested in knowing.

Boost and super like are also other features that can help you get noticed in the Tinder world. Super like is a straightforward way of telling another user that you like them and are giving them the necessary attention. With the boost, your profile will be visible to more users, so it increases your chances of getting matches. Super like is also available as a free option, but you only get one super like per day with a basic account. You can send as many super likes as you want if you’re paying for them. Also, boost allows your profile to be boosted for half an hour, and for more than that, there is also an option called Superboost.

The beginner price for a paid Tinder account, namely Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus, begins with $29.99 per month and $19.99 per month, respectively. The best part about having a premium account is that there is no limit to features usage. You can also turn the ad-off and have a hassle-free experience. Tinder Plus has fewer features than Tinder Gold, and thus, there is a difference in pricing as well.

Real life review

Real life review

Tinder is what millennials are using to get into the dating scene. As per Gia, one of the users, she was not looking for any commitment and went to the platform just to explore and see the available options as there was a lot hyper about the platform within her social circle. She was utterly amazed to see the overwhelming response and potential matches. She admitted that she was happy to meet a few genuine folks on the platform. You can find several positive Tinder Reviews that enhances the credibility of the platform.

Is Tinder a legit good dating website?

There is no doubt that it is one of the most credible and popular dating platforms, globally. It set the benchmark for ease of online dating and made it a norm. Earlier, online dating was something frowned upon, but after Tinder got such a good response, many people entered the industry of app making, specifically dedicated to online dating. With an easy sign-up process, there are a lot of members who are obscene, vulgar, or scammers. So, you also need to be careful before chatting with someone or sharing personal details. But it is the same way with any social media platform. That is why the pros outweigh the cons. Though the app is a lot more convenient and private than the website, even the Tinder website is fun to use. And with its unique anonymous option, you can keep on checking your messages and notifications during work.

How expensive is Tinder?

There are different prices for Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus. The former has more features than the latter and thus is costlier. The starting price for Tinder Plus is 9.99 USD/Month. For six months, the cost is 34.99 USD, and for 12 months, it is 54.99 USD.

For Tinder Gold, under 28, the starting price for one month is 14.99 USD. For six months, it is 52.99 USD, and for an annual package, the cost is 82.99 USD. Similarly, there is Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold over 28, which has a slightly higher price. You can analyze whether or not you want a paid account by checking out the premium features. Also, the choice between Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold can be made according to what your preferences are on dating platforms. Since some premium features are available free of cost as well, just in a limit, if you can be patient, you can use Tinder free of charge.

How to communicate freely on Tinder?

Chatting with other members is free when you have matched them. If two members swiped right on each other, they get matched and can send and receive messages. If you want to stop someone from texting you, all you need to do is un-match yourself. There is no limit to the number of messages you can send to another user. But there is no way to send a text to someone who has swiped left on your profile. If a member is offensive, you can also report their profile. For more chat options like seeing read receipts, sending audio messages, you will need to have a premium account. Also, it is not possible to delete a single message in Tinder. But you can delete entire conversations.

Help and Support

The help and support option on the Tinder Website is divided into three options. First is a guide to Tinder, which informs you about all the options and features. It is a general support guide for a better understanding of the platform. The second option is troubleshooting. Here you can find FAQs on how to resolve issues if you are unable to sign-in or are having troubles with Premium features.

The third option is regarding details of the safety and security features on the website. It is to understand whether your data is safe on Tinder. You can check the privacy policies and understand where your data will or will not be shared. Tinder does not have any public contact information available for customer queries, so you will have to make do with reaching out to them facsimile at 214-853-4309. They also have a contact form that you can reach by clicking on the Contact Us option.



It is meant for those looking for casual hookups more than the ones who want a lasting commitment. It is not unusual to find someone looking for a serious commitment, but most people ooze the hookup vibe. Tinder website and app do help you find cute dates quickly, and given a large number of subscribers; there are a lot of options you can choose from and ensure a likable partner for yourself. No matter where you live and what age group you belong to, there is someone for you out there, and Tinder helps you find them.

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